School and Nurse contacts

After registration is complete you will be contacted by the school to confirm your child's start date .  If necessary the school nurse may contact you pertaining to physical examination requirements as well as any other health-related inquiries.

For your convenience, a Physical Examination form is available for your child's pediatrician to complete. 

Click HERE for enrollment Immunization Requirements.




Brooks Crossing Elementary School & Deans

[email protected]
732-821-7478 x3704

Nurse, Susan Kneis CSN, Brooks Crossing

732-821-7478 x5709

Nurse, Yuen Tang, RN, Deans

732-821-7478 x3782

Brunswick Acres Elementary School

[email protected]
732-297-6621 x3451

Nurse, Suzanne Hansen CSN 

732-297-6621 x3469

Cambridge Elementary School

[email protected]
732-297-2941 x3567

Nurse, Jill Kerwin CSN

732-297-2941 x3553

Constable Elementary School
732-297-2488 x3605

Nurse, Donna Sichta CSN

732-297-2488 x5603

Greenbrook Elementary School
732-297-2480 x3502

Nurse, Bethany Monticello RN, BSN

732-297-2480 x3503

Indian Fields Elementary School & Dayton

[email protected]
732-329-1043 x3003

Nurse, Indian Fields,
Lisa Goldsmith – 732-329-1043 x3012

Nurse, Dayton - Hanan Shaban

732-329-1043 x3078

Monmouth Junction Elementary School
732-329-6981 x3655

Nurse, Annemarie Kramer CSN

732-329-6981 X 3655

Crossroads North Middle School

[email protected]
732-329-4191 x3812

Nurse, Cassaundra Michele

732-329-4191 x 3842

Crossroads South Middle School

[email protected]
732-329-4633 x3938

Nurse, Jennifer Duvelsdorf

732-329-4633 x3923

Nurse, Janice Royer, RN

732-329-4633 x3933

South Brunswick High School

[email protected]
732-329-4044 x3205

732-329-4044 x3011

Nurse, ANNEX 10/11, GUO,BIN

732-329-4044 x3213

Nurse, Main 9/12, Donna Moreen CSN

732-329-4044 x3264

Nurse, Main, Rena Eng

732-329-4044 x3220