School Buses

It is the goal of South Brunswick Public Schools to provide safe and efficient transportation opportunities to all of its students.

The District provides transportation to and from school for students in Grades K-5 who live more than one mile from their assigned school. Pupils in Grades 6-8 who live more than two miles from their assigned school are transported by bus. Students in Grades 9-12 living more than two and one-half miles from South Brunswick High School are transported to school by District-provided buses.

The District operates early morning bus transportation for students in the middle school music program and also runs late buses for students at the middle and high school levels participating in after-school activities and programs.

If students are open-enrolled in another school in the District, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide transportation. Special Education students are eligible for transportation according to their Individualized Education Program.

Transportation Contacts  
Jill Ottignon
Supervisor of Transportation
Erin Zippo
Transportation Assistant Supervisor
Ivelisse Soma
Jeanne Collas