Content Area Supervisors

English Language Arts (ELA) / Social Studies (SS)
Sherry Sassine, Supervisor of Grades K-5 ELA/SS
Sugandh Jain, Crossroads Middle School ELA/Social Studies Supervisor
Theresa Jennings, Supervisor of Grades 9-12 ELA/SS
Patrice Gorman, Department chair of Grades 9-12 SS
Math (MA) / Science (S) / Technology (TECH)
Jessica Nastasi, Supervisor of Grades K-5 MA/S
Anna Alfieri, Supervisor of Grades 9-12 MA/S
Aparna Rajagopal, Supervisor of STEM Grades 6-12
Kristin Laskin, Supervisor of Grades 6-12 TECH
Robert Sears, Supervisor of Grades 6-8 ENCORE
Health, Physical Education (PE) and Health Services
John Harding, Supervisor of Grades 9-12 Health/PE
Amy Finkelstein, Student Assistance and Wellness Supervisor
Visual and Performing Arts
Kristin Laskin, Supervisor of Grades 9-12 Art, Business, Family & Consumer Science
Robert Sears, Supervisor of Grades K-12 Music
World Language (WL) and English Language Learners (ELL)
Thomas Decker, Supervisor of Grades K-12 WL/ELL
Susana Nikitczuk, Assistant Principal, Grades 9-12
Special Education and Student Services
Emily Wright, District Supervisor Special Education
Megan Plummer, District Special Education Supervisor
Laurie Faigin, Supervisor of Grades K-5 Special Education
Michele SantaMaria, Supervisor of Grades 6-8 Special Education
Kathleen Derillo, Supervisor of Grades 9-12 Special Education
Instructional Support and Enrichment
Suzanne Luck-Born, Director of Assessment and Instructional Support
Alternative Education
Yoshi Donato, Assistant Principal
Justin McCuen, Chairperson of Grades 9-12