Student Accident Insurance

Student accident insurance for the current school year has been purchased by the South Brunswick Township Board of Education. The coverage includes all students during "school time" as well as all participants in school-sponsored and supervised activities, including interscholastic athletics. The policy is on file with the Board of Education.

This coverage is provided on a FULL EXCESS basis. This means that you must first claim benefits under any other medical expense coverage you have. (This would include Blue Cross/Blue Shield, any individual policy, or group policies that the student or parent may have.) Any balance due after that payment has been made by these carriers would then be submitted to the school's insurance carrier.

REMEMBER: All charges must be submitted to your basic and major medical carriers first. If your medical coverage is under an HMO or similar plan, you must follow their rules for obtaining benefits.

If you are employed and claiming that you do not have any other insurance coverage, you must submit an employer letter to that effect for your claim to be processed. If a student does not have any medical coverage, this plan becomes primary.

All Notification of Injury Forms must be submitted within 90 days of the injury and treatment must commence within 90 days from the date of injury by a licensed physician or surgeon. Claims will be paid for 52 weeks from the date of the accident and all benefits will be made payable to doctors and hospitals involved unless accompanied by paid receipts.

Click here to access the claim filing instructions.
Click here to access the claim form.
Please include Policy Number PHPA085202 when filing a claim.

Additional Accident Insurance Plans for students are available to be purchased directly through Philadelphia Insurance Co. Information about this program can be viewed at: 
Voluntary Participation Student Accident Enrollment Forms

If you have any questions regarding the claims reporting process or issues with Philadelphia Insurance Company with the processing of your claim, contact claims [email protected] or David Balken, the School District's Insurance Agent, by phone at (973) 526-7007, ext. 864.