Parent Curriculum Guides

All of South Brunswick School District Curriculum is standards-based. Each curricular area is well-articulated, has interwoven technology, is connected in meaningful ways to other curricular areas and real life, and leads to equity and excellence in achievement for all children.

We are proud of our District's curriculum for its comprehensiveness, its depth and for the fact that it promotes thought. Our curriculum encourages students to reach for deeper understanding of big ideas and makes them wonder about the "essential questions."

By way of example, in Social Studies, students ponder the following:

  • Elementary: How does the movement of people affect others and the physical environment around them? Why are the legacies of one society important to another society?
  • Middle School: How does geography impact humans? How do humans impact geography?
  • High School: How does war impact society and the individuals involved in war? What can be learned from war?

The Curriculum Office frequently receives requests for copies of the District's curriculum from parents, members of the community and surrounding school districts. As such, the District set a goal to make South Brunswick curriculum "Parent Guides" available on its Web site. These Parent Guides will provide in-depth descriptions about how each lesson/area of focus addresses the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards as well as what knowledge students are expected to learn.

As curriculum is written and adopted by the Board of Education, it will be posted online accordingly. Revisions and updates will be made available in a timely fashion, and the District will benefit from both time savings and conservation of resources.

Curriculum Guides

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District Appendix
This document outlines the four educational strands that are interwoven in our curriculum: Career Education and Life Skills, Character Education, Differientation and Instruction and Educational Technology, as well as the Understanding by Design method of instruction.

K-5 Parent Guide for Writing
6-12 Parent Guide for Writing
K-12 Reading Parent Guide
Grade 3 Reading Grade 4 Reading Grade 5 Reading
Literature Grade 6 and B-Year Curriculum
 K-12 Art  K-12 Library/Media K-12 Music
K-5 Health 6-8 Health 9-12 Health
K-5 Physical Education 6-8 Physical Education 9-12 Physical Education
K-12 World Language Curriculum
K-2 Social Studies 3-5 Social Studies 6-8 Social Studies 9-12 Social Studies
A-Year Civics and World History
Grade 6 World History
 K-2 Math  3-5 Math  6-8 Math  9-12 Math
 K-5 Science  6-8 Science  9-12 Science  K-12 Science Map
 9-12 Business  9-12 Family and Consumer Science
 21st Century Curriculum  Guidance and Counseling Program
 James Kimple Center Guide  Pathways to Business
 Personal Finance Curriculum  Public Speaking
 Technology Education
CyberSafety Resources and Digital Citizenship Resources