Transportation FAQs

  1. If my child rides a van from a home stop and is not going to attend school on any given day, how do I notify the driver not to stop at my home?

    You can call the Transportation Department, (732-297-7800 ext. 5108), beginning 6:30 a.m. to leave a message. Please include child’s name, school of attendance, and route number if known.

  2. If my child rides a van and I pick up my child early from school, how do I tell the driver not to wait at the school?

    Call the Transportation Department any time during the day.

  3. How do I find out whether schools will close, have a delayed opening, or early release on days when the weather is inclement.

    Visit the South Brunswick School District website ( or the SBSD Facebook page (

  4. What time will my bus come when there is a delayed opening?

    Delayed opening is 2 hours later than the regularly scheduled school time. Buses will pick up students at their regularly assigned stop 2 hours, later than the regularly scheduled stop time. Check the time schedule for pre-school and head start delayed opening times.

    School Delayed Opening Schedules

  5. How do late runs work?

    Late run buses are courtesy buses provided to take home students who participate in club activities, sports, detention, or extra help from teachers after the regular school day. Please click here for a schedule of late bus times.

    Students riding late buses from the HS must have a bus pass or they will not be allowed on the bus.

Late buses do not follow the to and from school day stops. Buses stop at localized stops in the township to let the greatest number of students off the bus in the shortest possible time. Late bus run times may be longer than to and from school day routes.

  • What are requirements necessary to obtain a Bus Driver license? Bus drivers have a special license called, "CDL", (Commercial Drivers License). Applicants for a bus driver license must have a safe driving record with no criminal convictions, pass a special CDL physical, pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol test, have fingerprints taken for both State and Federal review, have a promise of employment from a school district or a contractor, and take a written test before obtaining a driving permit. The written test requires applicants to have knowledge of bus inspection, pupil safety, and braking procedures.

    Driver applicants are then required to have 30 hours of behind the wheel training, learn how to inspect a bus for safety issues before going out on the road, (pre-trip inspection), and take a driving test in the vehicle they will be using.

    Once all of this is complete and the license issued drivers are still required to be part of yearly random drug and alcohol testing, a license review every 6 months, have a CDL physical every two years, and be fingerprinted every time their license is renewed.

    South Brunswick Board of Education drivers are required to be able to drive both manual and automatic buses, use either hydraulic or air brakes, be able to use a wheelchair vehicle, and be able to conduct a bus evacuation if ever needed.

  • How do I know if my child’s bus is safe?

    All school vehicles are required by law to have a quarterly maintenance, (oil, fluids, brake etc.), and a twice yearly 900 point State Inspection by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The inspection process not only includes the bus but also all paper work associated with the vehicle, (purchases for parts and fluids, repair requests and result of repair, review of quarterly maintenance records, and all driver records).

    Buses either get a new 6-month sticker, a 30-day repair notice, or a red sticker which means the bus is off the road. Board of Education vehicles have always passed inspection with a new 6-month sticker.