Every Person Influences Children (EPIC)

Overview Every Person Influences Children (EPIC) is a program funded in District by the South Brunswick Board of Education and the South Brunswick Municipal Alliance, whose mission is to help parents, teachers and community members raise children to become responsible and capable adults. EPIC offers information throughout the year for parents and guardians focusing on positive parenting skills. EPIC workshops are offered through the South Brunswick Parent Academy and at individual schools throughout the District. For more information contact Christine Mariano at SBPA@sbparents.org.

Online Library EPIC also offers an online library of parenting information from the Parent Institute which provides substantive, research-based information and support on key issues affecting children today, from the elementary to teenage years, including responsibility, discipline, school success, family time and more.

Parent Guides
These 8-12 page guides provide in-depth information on a variety of topics, including responsibility, discipline, school success, family time and more. The guides are brief enough for busy parents to read, thorough enough to provide useful ideas parents can put into action immediately to help their children.

Family & Home Set When There's A Problem
10 Great Ways to Teach Responsibility How to Deal with Bullies/Bullying
25 Ways to Use the Power of Routines How to Deal with Peer Pressure
52 Great Ways Families Can Spend Time Together How to Help Your Struggling Student
School Success 1 – Elementary Years School Success 2
The Road to Reading Success Give Your Child the Edge: Teachers' Top Ten Learning Secrets
Common Discipline Problems & How to Solve Them How to Help Children Do Best on Tests
31 Alternatives to TV & Video Games Help Children Get Organized for Homework and Schoolwork
School Success 3 Middle School & Teen Years
Instill Character Traits of Success in Child Making a Smooth Transition to Middle School
Help Your Child to Develop Good Learning Styles Common Discipline Problems of: Middle School Kids & How to Solve Them
7 Proven Ways to Motivate Children to Do Better in School Common Discipline Problems of: Teens & How to Solve Them