The South Brunswick School District Mentoring Program aims to create a collaborative and supportive professional learning community that empowers teachers to create an environment that promotes intellectual challenge, creativity, social and emotional growth and the healthy physical development of each student.
Mentor Training:
Mentors are required to attend an in-depth training session before the school year starts or as needed when a new mentor is assigned. A Mentor Handbook is provided to support ongoing mentoring efforts. Training includes:

  • The district's teacher evaluation rubric and practice instrument;
  • The NJ Professional Standards for Teachers;
  • The NJ Core Content Curriculum Standards;
  • Classroom observation skills;
  • Facilitating adult learning; and
  • Leading reflective conversations about practice

Novice Teacher Training:
Novice teachers entering their first year of teaching are required to participate in a formal mentoring program over the course of their first year of teaching and additional content training sessions. All new staff must attend New Staffing training their first three years of service. Learning components of New Staff Training in the first year include:

  • Introduction to the district community
  • New evaluation system training
  • Curriculum training aligned to the CCSS
  • South Brunswick best instructional practices training
  • Mandated Policy Training
  • Portfolio procedure training
  • Mentor/New Teacher introductions and first meeting

Mentor Plan
Mentor Handbook
New Teacher Documentation Log
New to S.B. Documentation Log