Before and After School Programs

Registration for 2018-19 is open!

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Online Registration

If you register after Aug. 20th, you child will begin the program according this schedule:

Date Registration is Completed in
Community Pass
Child’s Program Start Date
June 20 - August 20
September 6th - 1st day of school
August 21 - 31
By September 17 - Community Ed will
contact you to confirm start date
September 1 - September 8
By September 24 - Community Ed will
contact you to confirm start date
September 9 - September 16
By October 1 - Community Ed will
contact you to confirm start date

On or after September 17
We will try to get your child(ren) into our
program as soon as possible, based on staff to students ratios. Community
Ed will contact you to confirm start date.


Our highly-regarded Before and After School Programs operate in all elementary schools, kindergarten through grade 5, in the South Brunswick School District. Most elementary students attend the Before and After School Program at the same school in which they are enrolled for the school day. (Deans students attend the Before and After School Program at Brooks Crossing; Dayton students attend the program at Indian Fields. Students are transported by bus to their respective schools.) Grades 6-8 attend the After School Program at Crossroads North--Club 678. Staff escort Crossroads South students to Club 678. The Before School Program starts as early as 7 am until the start of school (grades K-5 only). The After School Program runs from the end of the school day until 6 pm and a snack is provided. Prices are reasonable and a sibling discount is available. The Before and After School Program follows the age eligibility guidelines of the South Brunswick Township Public Schools.

The Before and After School program provides the opportunity for children to choose from a variety of active and quiet recreational and enrichment activities. Children are encouraged to make their own choices, be creative and pursue individual interests. They assume responsibility for their own behavior, respect the rights of others and keep their environment clean and happy. Programs provide families with a monthly calendar that outlines available choices.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION for the 2018-19 School Year

  • The Before & After School Program is a 10 month program, beginning on the first day of school and ending on the last day of school.
  • Registration will be open from June 20 to August 20, 2018 and students will be enrolled the first day of school, Sept. 6th. After August 20th start dates will vary according to the above table.
  • Registration is ONLINE through Community Pass. If you are new to the South Brunswick Public Schools for the 2018-19 school year, you will receive a letter in the mail in mid-July with your temporary username and password, which you will need when you register. If you have Community Pass questions, please email If you need a computer to use, please contact or 732-297-7800 x3190.
  • September's tuition & $50 registration fee will be due when you register.
  • Families wishing to begin October or later in the school year can register via Community Pass after September 9.
  • Families interested in Tuition Assistance must complete their Tuition Assistance Applications as soon as possible and must register to the waitlist as soon as possible. Contact 732-297-7800 x3175.
Registration Questions 732-297-7800 x3190
Attendance / BAS Schedule 732-297-7800 x3196

Tuition Assistance / NJ State Subsidy information 732-297-7800 x3175

Click here for detailed TUITION ASSISTANCE information

Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. Applications are reviewed for eligibility only if all paperwork is completed. Eligibility is based on family size and income. Community Education Tuition Assistance program follows the NJ State childcare subsidy eligibility guidelines. Qualified applicants will be required to complete the NJ State childcare subsidy application in addition to the Community Education application. Email questions to

In order to be environmentally friendly, we are not mailing handbooks to BAS families. Please download the appropriate PDF above.