2019-20 Parent Academy Workshops

Navigating the SB School District - 9/17/19
Are you new to our South Brunswick public school system or in need of a refresher on policies and procedures? A positive home-school connection is one of the keys to success for any student. Come and learn about the developmental norms of our children and how you can help keep your child on track and pointed in the right direction.  Discover a wealth of information about the District, from how to navigate the website, to where to learn more about the curriculum at each grade level, to how best to communicate with your child’s teacher and even how to utilize newer systems, like Genesis! Bring your questions for our panel of ‘experts’ and learn more about our school system.

Navigating Flyer

Teaching Self-Discipline - 10/24/19

Responsive Classroom: Teaching Self-Discipline with Everyone's Dignity Intact 

In response to parents' requests, comes Part 2 to last year's "Using Rules and Logical Consequences at Home" - "Teaching Self Discipline with Everyone's Dignity Intact." Join us for this interactive workshop and learn practical strategies on how to successfully utilize rules and consequences while parenting a school-aged child in today's world.  This workshop will also explore the social and emotional skills students need to effectively navigate daily tasks and challenges and how you can help your child to achieve them.
Companion Reading:  How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

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Social Media & Tech Symposium 4.0 12/14/19
Saturday Special:  Social Media & Tech Symposium 4.0
Join us as we continue to delve in the ever-changing world of social media and technology and more importantly, its impact on our children. Come with your child as we join forces with the police dept, parents, students, and expert staff for a powerful morning of information! Our 4th workshop in this series will arm you with the tools needed to keep your child safer in the cyberworld, including updates on latest social media and tech trends, practical strategies for setting limits on devices and ‘real talk’ conversations with parents, police and students on the cyberworld as they experience it.
Companion Reading: Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked by Adam Alter

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Opening Presentation - Promises & Pitfalls

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Hidden in Plain Sight - 1/23/20
Hidden in Plain Sight: A Drug Awareness Program Every Parent Should Attend
Retired Drug Enforcement Agency Special Agent, Doug Collier, returns to the SBPA with an important drug awareness program! No one ever wants to think of their son or daughter using and abusing alcohol and drugs. However, there are signs and symptoms to be aware of that may explain your son or daughter’s behavior, and with early intervention, which most times can just be a simple conversation, it might just save their life or the life of their friend. Discover how alcohol, drugs and paraphernalia can be easily hidden in plain sight in a teenager’s bedroom, bathroom and other locations within your home and car. Become educated on the latest substance abuse trends, signs and symptoms and learn about local resources and ways to bring awareness to our community and most importantly, keep our children safe!   

*Due to the sensitive nature of the material, no one under 21 was admitted and there is NO replay of the workshop.

Freedom to Fail - 2/13/20

Failure is an inevitable part of life, but it's often accompanied by shame -- most people do everything in their power to avoid it. But 'failing forward' can provide a great learning opportunity and should be viewed as an essential step along the path to success, both academically and in life. The ‘freedom to fail’ means freedom to explore, venture, experiment and ultimately, succeed in uncharted territory in and outside the classroom. Join us as we discuss ways to challenge students to take positive risks and broaden their horizons, even at the risk of falling short, and then encourage them (and ourselves!) to reflect and build upon the life lessons learned, for even greater rewards in the future.

Companion Reading: The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey
Freedom To Fail Presentation
Mindset Quiz
Freedom to Fail, Space to Grow
The Power of Yet

Parenting During Transitions - Postponed

Get Ready, Get Set ... Now What? Parenting During Times of Transition
Whether it’s your 5th grader moving on to the middle school, 8th grader heading to high school or your Senior leaving home for college, transitions can be tricky! For you and your child!  It's only natural that you and they may experience ambivalence about the transition; excitement and fears, expectations and disappointments, and often, conflicting needs for independence and dependence. Parenting our children through the various stages of these transitions is yet another of many steps and stages of school and life that we must guide them through, but who will guide us? Join us for this interactive session as we share stories and grade level-specific strategies for preparing ourselves, as well as our children, for these important milestones.

Combat Summer Brain Drain - Postponed
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? How to Combat the Summer Brain Drain
For many students, the summer means an end to schoolwork, lowered responsibility, family vacations, and plenty of time to spend with friends. Unfortunately, it can also be a time when many students lose much of the academic skills and knowledge they've gained throughout the school year. It doesn’t have to be this way! Join us and discover how to help your child stay engaged and mentally active during the summer, while still enjoying a fun break from the demands of the classroom and school work.