Tuition Assistance Information

South Brunswick Community Education - Tuition Assistance The Community Education Tuition Assistance program is available to families based on a sliding scale of income and family size. The program follows the NJ State childcare subsidy eligibility guidelines.

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Before & After School Program Registration Instructions for Families Interested in Assistance:

All families must register through Community Pass. You will be required to pay only the $50 registration fee with Visa/Mastercard credit or debit card at time of registration.  Your monthly tuition award decision will be emailed after you register and email me with your program details.  September’s tuition will be due August 25th
  • Prior to August 20, 2018: CURRENT BAS & Summer Camp 2018 tuition asssistance families will be automatically pre-qualified to register & only pay the $50 registration fee.
  • After August 20, 2018: All families that have not registered for BAS, must register to the "waitlist". Please register at least 2 days before your anticipated start date.  You will not be required to pay at the time of  online registration.
  • Go to the website
  • Carefully choose the community “South Brunswick Public Schools“ and hit continue.
  • Log into your Community Pass account. If you forgot your username/password, click on the option “Forgot your username or password ” and follow the directions to retrieve your information. Questions about CP, please email
  • After logging in, under “Register Now” (Step 1), select the organization “South Brunswick Community Education”
  • Under Step 2 select the activity “2018-19 Before & After School Program”.
  • Complete the online registration form paying close attention to all required fields.
  • After you complete your transaction, you must email to follow up on your Tuition Assistance Application.
  • If you register before August 20th your child will begin on the first day of school. Registrations received after Aug. 20th, refer the following schedule.
  • Date Registration is Completed in
    Community Pass
    Child’s Program Start Date
    June 15 - August 20
    September 7th - 1st day of school
    August 21 - September 1
    By September 11 - Community Ed will
    contact you to confirm start date
    September 2 - September 9
    By September 18 - Community Ed will
    contact you to confirm start date
    September 10 - September 17
    By September 25 - Community Ed will
    contact you to confirm start date
    On or after September 18
    We will try to get your child(ren) into our
    program as soon as possible. Community
    Ed will contact you to confirm start date.

Contact with any questions.

Tuition Assistance Qualification Instructions:

  • Complete Tuition Assistance Application.
  • Copy of one month's worth of paystubs for income earners in family.
  • Copy of 2018 Federal 1040 form. Your W2's can be used as proof of 2018 income if you have filed taxes yet.  You will need to submit a copy of your filed taxes in order to continue to receive Community Education assistance.
  • If your tax form shows self-employment income or business income, you must submit your entire Federal 1040, including self-employment or business income schedules. You may be required to also submit your business' balance sheet year to date.
  • Forms can be scanned & emailed to
  • Forms can be dropped off at our office: 231 Blackhorse Lane. Secure drop box is located outside of the door.
  • Forms can be faxed to 732-274-0541 or mailed to PO Box 701, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852 Attn: Maria Chavkin.
  • NOTE: tuition assistance applications will not be processed if there are outstanding fees from any Community Education program.
    NOTE: tuition assistance applications will not be processed if income cannot be verified.
  • We welcome NJ State Childcare Subsidy contracts (New Jersey Cares for Kids and Work First), contact for more details.
  • If we determine that you may be eligible for NJ State childcare subsidies, you will be required to complete the state application (download Community Childcare Solutions Application). Refer to for more details.



Before/After School Program, Day Camps & Full Day Enrichment Camps: Parents need to provide proof of employment income &/or proof that they are students. For dual income families, both parents must provide paystubs &/or school schedules. Tuition Assistance cannot be awarded without these.

Summer Enrichment (partial day) & Sports Camps: Parents need to provide proof of income &/or proof that they attend school. Proof of income can be in the form of employment, unemployment, child support, alimony or disability check stubs.