K-12 Student Registration

Registration Information:

Please view our Residency/Registration Requirements for All Students Entering South Brunswick School District. All registration is conducted by appointment only. Registrar and contact information is listed below and we ask that you contact the Registrar to secure an appointment. In some instances, it will be necessary for registration to be conducted at the Board of Education office. This is determined by your residency status.

Entrance Age Requirements: Our Entrance Age Policy states that children must attain five years of age on or before October 31 of the school year in question to be eligible to enroll in Kindergarten. Further, the Policy also states that children must attain six years of age on or before October 31 of the school year in question to be eligible to enroll in First Grade. Please note that our Entrance Age Policy is strictly enforced.

Enrollment is considered complete upon presentation of all required documentation.

A South Brunswick street listing is available to determine your child's elementary or middle school assignment. Our Elementary Schools are K-5, Middle Schools 6-8 and High School 9-12.

To obtain a registration appointment, please contact the Registrar at your child's school:

School Contact
Brooks Crossing Elementary School & Deans
(Registration takes place at Brooks Crossing)
Maria.O'Donnell@sbschools.org or 732-821-7478 x3705
Brunswick Acres Elementary School Anne.Barringer@sbschools.org or 732-297-6621 x3452
Cambridge Elementary School Eileen.Cicero@sbschools.org or 732-297-2941 x3567
Constable Elementary School Kathy.Sframeli@sbschools.org or 732-297-2488 x3605
Greenbrook Elementary School Tina.Carnevale@sbschools.org or 732-297-2480 x3502
Indian Fields Elementary School & Dayton
(Registration takes place at Indian Fields)
Laura.Kuehner@sbschools.org or 732-329-1043 x3003
Monmouth Junction Elementary School Deborah.Gullo@sbschools.org or 732-329-6981 x3655
Crossroads North Middle School Suzanne.Cardona@sbschools.org or 732-329-4191 x3812
Crossroads South Middle School Robyn.D'Angelo@sbschools.org or 732-329-4633 x3927
South Brunswick High School Jamelia.Lopez@sbschools.org or 732-329-4044 x3205

Please Note: Middle School Assignment: Enrollment of middle school students is determined by elementary school assignment.

Children attending the following K-5 schools are assigned to Crossroads South Middle School for grades 6-8: Brunswick Acres Elementary School, Cambridge Elementary School, Greenbrook Elementary School (with the exception of Beekman Manor), Indian Fields Elementary School.

Children attending the following K-5 schools are assigned to Crossroads North Middle School for grades 6-8: Brooks Crossing Elementary School, Constable Elementary School, Monmouth Junction Elementary School and students who reside in Beekman Manor.

Transfers from Other School Districts:

Although the former school district is expected to forward academic information to the new school district upon notification of enrollment, it is helpful if copies of standardized test scores and the latest report card are presented at the time of registration. This is not mandatory. Please be prepared to share the name, address and phone number of your child’s former school.

Transfers from Within South Brunswick School District:

If you move within South Brunswick, you must notify your child’s school prior to the move. You will be asked to provide a copy of your new lease or deed. If you move to a neighborhood with a different school assignment, your child will be required to transfer to that school. South Brunswick offers “Open Enrollment” for elementary students whose parents wish for them to remain at their former school. This is dependent upon space availability and approval by the principal of both the sending and receiving schools. If approved, parents must provide daily transportation to and from school. Please visit our FAQ page to learn more about Open Enrollment.

Registration Forms:Registration and Pre K and K-5 Health History forms are available. Please present the completed forms at the time of registration. You will be asked to complete additional forms at the time of registration and are only available through the school. They will be provided at registration.

At registration, the School Nurse will provide information pertaining to physical examination requirements as well as answer any other health-related inquiries. For your convenience, a Physical Examination form is available for your child's pediatrician to complete.

If after reviewing this information further assistance is required, please contact Patricia.Gable@sbschools.org (or 732-297-7800, Ext. 3107) in the Office of Assessment and Instructional Support.