Tech Support Software Requirements

On, we employ technologies that allow us to delivery rich media on our pages. Some of these pages require the installation of third party software. The following is a list of the software we use and links to pages where you may download the software.

PDF Viewer
Adobe™ Reader™ is free software that allows everyone from business professionals to home users to easily and reliably view, print, and search PDF files using a variety of platforms and devices.

To download Adobe™ Reader™, please click here.

An alternative to Adobe™ Reader™ is Foxit, a fast, free, open source PDF viewer. To download, please click here.

Macromedia Flash Player
Deliver effective experiences across desktops and devices through Macromedia Flash Player. Installed on more than 97% of the Internet-enabled desktops and many popular devices, Macromedia Flash is the world's most pervasive rich client.

To download Macromedia Flash Player, please click here.

Power Point Viewers
In order to view power point presentations that are posted on our website, please download a powerpoint viewer from Microsoft found here:

PC Version
Mac Version

Please note that if you already own PowerPoint, you do not need to install a viewer

In order to view any of our streaming videos, you will need to install Apple Quicktime.

If you are noticing performance issues with our streaming video (choppy video, audio does not synch with video, etc), please do the follow:

  • Open Quicktime Preferences and go to the "Streaming" tab (Mac - Found under menu "Quicktime Player->;Quicktime Preferences", PC - Found under menu "Edit->;Preferences->;Quicktime Preferences")
  • Uncheck "Enable Instant-on"
  • If problems still persist, go back to the same preferences and change the "Streaming Speed" from "Automatic" to a setting appropriate for your connection speed