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Médico Rap Songs

Students in Señor Holt's sixth grade classes composed and performed rap songs using vocabulary about health and illness.  Click to listen to samples.

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Recommended Spanish-English dictionaries for students
Here are some dictionaries I think are good for beginning students of Spanish.  They all have some illustrations, which I especially like, and the vocabulary is at a level appropriate to middle school and high school.  You should be able to find them at a local bookstore or at an online book retailer.
NTC's Beginner's Spanish and English Dictionary

This dictionary is good because it doesn't have too many words, so it's not overwhelming.  The text is also big and easy to read.  There's a sample sentence with each entry so you can see how the word is used, and has a guide to pronunciation.  There is an 18-page section of black & white illustrations of common words.

488 pages

$12.95 (hardcover)
ISBN 0844276987

$7.95 (paperback)
ISBN 0844276995
Larousse Student Dictionary

This is a great dictionary with lots of words, but still not an overwhelming number.  There is a section with full-color illustrations of common words.  There are interesting cultural explanations built into the dictionary.

302 pages

$10.95 (paperback)
ISBN 2035420652
Way Cool Spanish Phrase Book

This is not a replacement for a regular dictionary, but it's fun. It has lots of useful phrases and vocabulary, all with illustrations. It's written with a sense of humor, and it's inexpensive.

96 pages

$6.95 (paperback)
ISBN 0658016911

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