Crossroads Middle Schools - Units and Encore - Paula Lamprecht
Welcome 2 Math Lab



Welcome to Crossroads South!  I am very excited for the upcoming school year.  I guarantee all of you are going to love Crossroads  and being a member of the Phoenix Unit.  Some of you may be nervous about entering a new school but I assure you the Phoenix teachers will make your transition a smooth one.  Just a few things you may be concerned about...

  • LOCKERS-Don't worry...If you can't open your locker a teacher will be there to help you out.  You can start practicing your locker skills at home with your gym locker you purchased.


  •  FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND THE SCHOOL- We will give you a tour of the building so you feel at ease.  You can always ask a teacher or student in the hallway if you are not sure which way to go.  It will not take you long to find you way around.


  • SUPPLIES - The first day of school you do not need to bring all your supplies.  Just something to write with and a notebook in case you want to write something down. 


  • Trust me...You are going to love the PHOENIX UNIT and you will make many new friends.


Enjoy the rest of your summer and I will see all of you on September 6th!

Mrs. Lamprecht