Instrumental Music Lessons All instrumental music students receive two 40-minute group music lessons during our 10-Day rotation. Instrumental music students are released from their PRIME TIME classes for this purpose. Music lessons are not optional and are graded each week. Each student will receive an instrumental music grade on their report card which is an average of their instrumental music rehearsal, formal assessment and lesson grades. A student who forgets his/her instrument on their assigned lesson day is still required to attend their music lesson. A school owned instrument may be borrowed if one is available. Any student who has an instrument that is in ill repair is encouraged to bring that instrument in to the music room so the music staff can evaluate the condition and make recommendations for repair. Parents are requested to send in a note if their child is attending school, yet not feeling well enough to participate in their weekly music lesson. Students possessing such a note will be excused from participating in class that day but are still required to attend that session. A makeup lesson will be scheduled. Please note: before school rehearsals are canceled when we have a delayed opening due to inclement weather.
General Music Sixth grade general music is an exploration of ancient world cultures. The students will perform on a variety of instruments including Africa percussion, Orff instruments, piano and hand chimes. Through listening, singing, dance and theater the students will be immersed into many ancient civilizations. The 7/8 general music experience is a 30 day cycle broken into mini-units of study. These mini-units include musical concepts, piano, composition, music history and handbells. Classes meet on an A-B schedule and are available to students grade 6 through 8. A student enrolled will receive a General Music grade on his/her report card.

Music Department