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Welcome to Mrs. Hoover's 6th Grade Math Class





We have an exciting year ahead of us, and I am glad that each of you is here to share in it! When you leave class this year, I expect you to understand many interesting and helpful ways that math is used everyday, and I expect you to be well prepared for 7th grade. We will work on many different skills including using mental math, learning how to show each step of your thought processes, and estimation.  


Getting Started


We have much to learn, and we cannot afford to waste any time. This means that we must come to class ready to learn; we always have our supplies, and get started right away. If you need to sharpen a pencil, take care of this before class.




It is easier if you keep your math supplies in a canvas bag or drawstring backpack. This should fit easily inside your regular backpack.

 Math 3-Ring Binder                           Sharpened #2 Pencils

Loose-leaf Paper                                Red Ink Pen or Red Pencil

Marble Journal                                   Student Agenda / Planner

Math Textbook                                   Ruler, Protractor

Calculator (TI 30 Series)                     Erasers







Classroom Rules


We need to keep our classroom community safe for everyone to learn. We can do this by respecting ourselves, our classroom, and each other. In order to earn my respect and the respect of your classmates, you must give us respect. During class discussions only one person talks at a time.  I will not talk when you are talking, and you will not talk while another student or teacher is talking.




Please use time that is available to you outside of the classroom to go to the bathroom. Do not interrupt the lesson to ask to use the restroom. If you absolutely must use the restroom, fill out a pass in your planner, and raise your hand so that I can initial it. As long as you have not abused this privilege, you will be allowed to go. You should go directly to the bathroom, and come directly back to my classroom as quickly as possible. If you have a medical issue, please bring a note from your parents so that I can make an exception for you. Please do not ask to use the water fountain. Passing time between classes is plenty of time to get drinks. Bring a note from your doctor if there is a medical problem.




Your homework must be completed EVERY DAY it is assigned.  You will keep your homework in your 3-ring binder. Make sure you bring your homework to class everyday.  If you are absent, you can find out what work you missed by checking the class webpage or by asking a fellow student. Handouts are available at the back of the room as well. You are responsible for finding out what work needs to be made up any time you miss class.


I am available during HAP and after school if you have any questions. I love to answer questions, so please don’t deprive me of this joy, if there is something that you don’t understand.


We will check homework everyday in class. You must do your work in pencil, and show all your work for every problem.  You will correct your homework in red ink or red pencil. When you come into class, we will go over any problems that you place in the parking lot; the parking lot is a place we put problems you would like explained in class. You will get 2 points for every assignment completed on time. The scores for those assignments will appear in PowerSchool at the end of the week. You will receive 2 points if the assignment is turned in on the due date, 1 point if it is one day late, and a zero for all others.


If you are sick, you have two days for every day that you were gone to get work and make it up. For example, if you are out sick for two days, you have four days to get the work from when you were sick turned in to me.



Tests and Quizzes


Quizzes measure how well you have mastered the topics from the last few lessons, and are usually announced. If you are actively participating in class, you will be well prepared. Tests will be given when a unit is complete, and will be made up of problems similar to those from your homework and classroom activities.  Some of my tests and quizzes will be open-note, but not open-book. 


If you miss a test or quiz, you must see me on the day you get back to schedule a make-up. If you know you are going to be gone in advance, you should come to reschedule the exam in advance. If you do not make up a missed exam, you will receive a zero (but that never happens).



Academic Integrity


Good habits you develop now will benefit you the rest of your academic career. Copying from someone else’s homework is not permitted. Getting help from another student is acceptable, but that should not involve looking at his or her paper. It is great to ask one of your fellow students for help on a problem; both students benefit from this type of helping. However, copying doesn’t help either student.  If you are caught copying off another student’s assignment, both you and the student you copied from will receive a zero for that assignment.










Your grades will be determined as follows:


Participation                   Do Now and Voluntary Class Participation

Homework                      (2 points for each assignment handed in on time)

Projects                           (100 points)

Quizzes                           (Each quiz 100 points)

Tests                                (Each test 200 points)


I will make every effort to keep my PowerSchool gradebook up to date; usually I enter grades once a week. Ask your parents for their PowerSchool password so that you can check your scores, and make sure that all your assignments are completed


Contact Information


Mrs. Hoover

732-329-4191 Ext.(School) (website)



















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