ESL/ELL GOALS To help your child feel comfortable in their new school.
To support them socially, emotionally and academically.
To teach them in a non- threatening classroom.
To let them know it is OK to make mistakes.
To explore language and the world.
To be respectful and understanding of others.
To learn through active participation.
To be open to new ideas and ways to do things.
To do our best work.
To learn the formal fundamentals of language: (spelling, reading, writing, grammar).
To become familiar with reference materials (books, internet, magazines, t.v.).

Identification of ESL/ELL Students Students whose first language is not English are tested by the ESL/ELL teachers.
Grades K-1 are given the LAS English Assessment Test.
Grades 2-12 are given the MAC-II.
Also, All students are given the WIDA / ACCESS state language test in the spring.
These are state mandated tests given in the fall and again in the spring.
Crossroads Middle School ELL Classes Classes are 45 minutes.
The ELL teacher arranges schedules and selects appropriate classes.
The ELL teacher meets with counselors and teachers.
The ELL teacher works on study and note-taking skills.
The ELL teacher improves grammar and writing performance.
The ELL teacher prepares students for high school.
ESL/ELL Program Special Features Field Trips for grades 6 - 12
ESL/ELL Family Picnic in June - Students K-12 will enjoy a day of outdoor recreation at Reichler Park in June 2007. Parents are welcome to come to the park and join their children for a picnic. Vegetarian food is provided: pizza, salad, watermelon, ice cream, and snacks. Children should wear play clothes and sneakers.
We play games, sports, and have races.
White Books by Students White Books are aligned with the New Jersey State curriculum. Math, Social Studies, the Arts, Science and enriching vocabulary are integrated.
Students write and illustrate their own books.
Students share their books with their teachers, librarians, friends and family.
Books may be seen on display at the schools.
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