Zeta Symmetry Discoveries

Team Teachers:  Mrs. Mierta & Mrs. Losito-Luprek
Unit: Zeta/7th & 8th GradeKappa Symmetry Discoveries
Winter 2007

Essential Question:
How do the fundamental properties of geometry affect geometric relationships?


Helpful Information:Symmetries Discoveries Booklet - All you need to know about your task, expectations, and rubric.
How To Create a Word Document with Graphics - Step-by-step tech directions for beginning your discoveries booklet.
Rotational Symmetry Example - Sample page of student work.
Reflection Symmetry Example - Sample page of student work.

Links:Grolier Online  - Media Center online encyclopedia subscription for accessing information and photos.
Electric Library - Media Center subscription for accessing photos.
Video Streaming - Media Center subscripion for accessing photos.
Google Images - Search google images (keywords to include:  symmetry + nature, animals, buildings, architecture, etc.)

Symmetry Fun:

Is Brad Pitt Symmetrical? - Explore the symmetry of Brad Pitt's face.
How to Make a Symmetrical Face - Create a truly symmetrical face on the computer.