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Fair Use
Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers
Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Media
Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use
Copyright in an Electronic Environment

Fair Use for Web 2.0
Crossing the Copyright Boundary in the Digital Age
Electronic Frontier Foundation/Legal Guide for Bloggers Rights/Intellectual Property
Chilling Effects Clearing House: Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright and Fair Use
Copyright Term in the Public Domain in the US from Cornell University
Copyright and Public Domain from LibriVox
New Rules of Copyright

Fair Use Tutorial

Put a Stop to Piracy from US Patent Office
Copyright 101 (with videos)
You Quote It! You Note It!
Cyberbee Tutorial for Younger Students
Copyright Basics
Copyright Kids
A Visit to Copyright Bay
Plagiarism: What is it and how to recognize and avoid it
The Cite is Right Quiz Show

Plagiarism Tutorial for Older Students
Famous Copyright Cases

Copyright Friendly Resources
Copyright Free or Copyright Friendly Resources on Crossroads Website
Copyright Friendly Images from Joyce Valenza
teacherlibrarian wiki: Copyright Friendly Sources
Cable in the Classroom
Wikimedia Commons
Copyright free Music
Project Guttenberg: 20,000 free books

Lesson Plans
Considering Copying (6-8)
Whose property is this? (2-3)
Use music lyrics to demonstrate copyright infringements (8)from Laura Kaemming
Please No Posers from the NY Times (6-12)
Resources for Teaching Infomation Technology Ethics

Creative Commons
Creative Commons
Creative Commons Licenses
Get Creative Video Explaining Creative Commons

Permission Request Forms
Form Requesting Permission of a Copyright Holder

Teachers' Permission Template from Landmark Schools
Students' Permission Template from Landmark Schools

Citation Makers
Citation Machine

Easy Bib
Bib Me

Essential Questions
The Great Question Press

The Question Mark

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