How do you Evaluate a Website?
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1.  First go to
     Click on webevaluation.  Do the tutorial Credible Sources Count.
     When you finish the tutorial go to step 2.

2.  Below is a list of Websites.  DON'T GO TO THE SITES YET, but just look at the URLs.

     For each one, write down the name of the organization behind the site, what type of 

     organization it is, and if you think it is a useful site for you research needs.

      Commercial site sponsored by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. 
      Only useful if I am researching ice cream or entrepreneurs.

Who or what is behind these sites:






3.  Now go to the above sites to see if you guessed right.  Which ones did you miss totally?

     What do you see now about the URL that you did not see before?

4.  What do you think makes a website really good?  List five things that you think make a good website.

5.  Look at the document in your packet The 5Ws of Website Evaluation. Which of these do
     you think is the most important in a website evaluation?

6.  Do you trust everything you read on the Internet?

     Look at the following sites:

           All About Explorers

           Free Forever Dog Island

           Suite 101

           a.  Which of these sites seems the most reliable?   Name all the reasons you think this is the best site:

           b.  What is wrong with the other sites?

7.  How will you view websites differently in the future?
Created by Rita Nannini and Kim Zito.

Last Modified: August 03, 2011