Understanding Your Transcript
Demographic Information - name, address, phone, date of birth, and social security # (if provided). Highlight any errors or omitted information and print correct information above the item(s)

Cumulative Grade Point Average – This is the overall average of all final grades earned in high school courses taken in grades 9-11 including summer school grades from SBHS. Grades form other summer schools MAY not have been received yet. A detailed explanation for the computation of GPA is on the back of this letter. If you believe your GPA is in error, highlight or circle it AFTER you have followed the formula carefully to check it.

Grade Level Performance - Listed are the courses taken, final grades and credits earned for each grade level. SBHS summer school grades are included, but we may not have received grades from other summer schools this year. Please contact the program you attended to insure they send a transcript to us. Questions or concerns called in about final report cards may NOT have yielded changes that are reflected here. Please highlight the grade/ course / credit in question and write your concern in detail. If you have a question about a grade from this past year and have already called, please note that fact by the grade in question.

Since you received your transcript last August and had an opportunity at that time to check previous years’ information, you may note questions and concerns but it may not be possible to trace information leading to a change. ANY challenges and subsequent changes must be addressed in the academic year immediately following the grade in question.

Activities – Participation in school-related clubs, awards received, and leadership positions are listed here. In order for a membership to be included, you must have participated in 50% of the group's meetings, activities AND submitted the pay to participate form with the proper payment or exemptions. The memberships noted here are based on lists provided by the club advisors at the end of each year. If you have participated in any activities not listed here, you will need to pick up a Transcript Activity Form in SPS or Activities Office and submit to Mrs. Gina Welsh, Activities Coordinator. She will refer to the advisors’ attendance records to determine your eligibility for inclusion of the group on the transcript.

Athletics – Participation on athletic teams for the 2011-2012 years is included here. In order to add membership not listed, you will need to complete the Sports Participation Form available in SPS or Athletics. Signatures of your coach and Mrs. McGrath are required for proof of pay to participate and your full participation. If authorization is given, it will be submitted to the Records Secretary for correction.

NOTE: Only those activities conducted through SBHS are included on the transcript. Only honors and recognitions at the state, regional, and national level are recorded here.

Additional Academic Information – Although few students will have information in this section, it would include information such as courses taken at SBHS that do not show Honors or AP in the title of the course but are weighted, courses outside of SBHS for which you do not receive credit, academic awards such as Latin, National Merit, etc.

Your transcript is an important document so we encourage you to take time now for a careful check of the information. IF you see any problems, take the steps outlined above by the deadline of September 30. ALL questions about the transcript MUST be raised at this time so approved edits can be made now. NO changes will be made in subsequent years.