Summer Institute Information

SBHS Summer Institute-2017



Welcome to the South Brunswick High School Summer Institute 2017. The first day of Summer Institute classes is June 27th. (The Institute will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th)

• Session I three-week classes run until July 18th
• Session I six-week classes run until August 8th.
• Session II three-week courses will begin on July 19th. (session II class locations will be posted on the first day of class)


Room assignments will be posted on the first day of class as per the list below.


Advanced Biology: report to rooms C302/C303
Advanced Chemistry: report to the hallway outside room C205/C206 for class lists
Advanced Geometry: report to the hallway outside room B208 for class lists
Organic Chemistry: C204
Personal Financial Management: report to the hallway outside room A204 for class lists.
SAT English: room D201
Intro to Web Design: room E201
Jumpstart Algebra: room B307
Prep for AP Physics: room C209
Robotics: room C101


If there are any medical concerns, 504 plans, anticipated religious holidays, or otherwise that you would want us to be aware of, please call or email the Head of School, Thomas Decker. This year, the class times are adjusted to allow for an extended break. Class will begin at 7:45, with the exception of Biology, which will begin at 7:30. All students will have at least a 25-minute break. During break, snack will be available for purchase in the blue cafeteria. Parents have the option to pre pay for snacks by purchasing punch cards worth a specific amount of money per day.  For additional questions about snack options available’ parents can email Michele Armstrong, Director of Dining Services at:


Please note the attendance and course grading policy: Each course/grade is recorded on the transcript but not included in a student’s GPA.  Attendance during the Summer Institute carries the same weight as it does during the school year. Students are expected to attend the SBHS Summer Institute daily.  Students in a 5-credit course are allowed two absences; students in a 2.5 credit course are permitted one absence.

Please arrive a few minutes prior to the scheduled start of class.  Use the main entrance of the building to enter the school, and follow our traffic patterns found on Important Links on the school website.




Thomas Decker
Head of School


Click here to view PowerPoint from the June 7 parent night. 


Thomas Decker,
Head of School, SBHS Summer Institute
732 329 4044 x. 5201