Guidance/Student Support Staff SBHS Phone Number: 732-329-4044

Susana Nikitczuk Assistant Principal for Student Services Ext 5231

Guidance Counselors
Mike Dennehy Counselor Ext. 5211
Alexander Dingwall Counselor Ext. 5237
Melissa Griffin Counselor Ext. 5213
Peter Kuzma Counselor Ext. 3235

Sandra Lucariello Counselor Ext. 5236
Carla Mail Counselor Ext. 5219
Anastasia Marcella Counselor Ext. 5214
Toronica Milligan Counselor Ext. 5212
Ed Rebele Counselor Ext. 5232
Julie Smith Counselor Ext. 5238
Aaron Millman SAC Ext. 3376

Guidance Secretaries
Raymona Baker Secretary Ext. 3205
Lois Mahler Student Records Ext. 3273
Betsy Epps Secretary Ext. 3278

Child Study Team
Kathleen Derillo Supervisor Ext. 5227
Lynn Celmer Child Study Team Secretary Ext. 3216
Kelly Bravo Social Worker Ext. 5245
Carla Garcia Social Worker Ext. 3287
Allison Hoffmann Learning Consultant Ext. 3260
Rebecca Hye Psychologist Ext. 5225
Eleni Isoldi Psychologist Ext. 3564
Angela Racz Learning Consultant Ext. 5222
Robin Richards-Greene Social Worker Ext. 3815
Danielle Silverman Social Worker Ext. 5226
Colleen Wiedemeyer Speech Therapist Ext. 2101
Maury Wohl Psychologist Ext. 3330
Emily Wright Transition Specialist Ext. 3222

Student Assistance Counselors
Amy Finkelstein Supervisor of Student Assistance and Wellness Ext. 5220
Aaron Millman SAC Ext. 3376

School Based Youth Services
Benjamin Brisson   Ext. 3246