HAP (HELP AND ACCESS PERIOD) HAP is a non-credit study period that is required for all freshman and select sophomores. Freshmen who wish to take a Music HAP without acquiring credit may choose this option during course selection by notifying their Crossroads counselor. If students want to take Music HAP for credit, they must elect to do so through the Option II process. Music HAP is scheduled during the desired course (Chorus, String Orchestra, Concert Band, or Symphonic Band.) Juniors and seniors may elect HAP as one of their courses for either the year or a semester.

PREREQUISITES In order to sign up for a course that has a prerequisite, students MUST meet ALL stated prerequisites at the time of course selection. Students who have not met the required prerequisites at the time of registration will not have these course requests added to their proposed schedules. Prerequisites are checked again at the end of the year, so final grades must be maintained in order to remain in a desired course.

SUMMER COURSEWORK TOWARD PREREQUISITES Students who plan to take summer course work to satisfy prerequisites should inform their counselors of this intention. However, their course selections will not reflect these plans, and there will be no guarantee that the desired course will be available at the end of the summer even if the prerequisite is met. Please be aware of the following:

HONORS / ADVANCED PLACEMENT / COLLEGE LEVEL COURSES These courses are designed to be very challenging in the level of material and concepts presented, the pace of the course, and the amount of work required. Advanced Placement (AP) courses require students to complete college-level work and are considered to be our most rigorous courses.

In order to take these classes students must fulfill ALL entry requirements and be fully committed to remaining in the course for the FULL school year. There is NO guarantee that students who wish to drop these courses at any point after course sign-up will be able to get into a suitable alternative.

AP courses require an application and approval from the appropriate supervisor or teacher which is done during course selection. For AP courses that require a summer assignment: Students are responsible for getting the summer assignments and materials from the appropriate teachers prior to the last week of school. Failure to submit the completed summer assignment by the due date will result in removal from the class and placement in a HAP. In addition, any AP student who drops a course after the beginning of school will also be placed in a HAP.

SCHEDULE CHANGES Students should take the course selection process very seriously. Before making course choices, students must be familiar with course descriptions and requirements. Changing your selections after the fact will be very difficult, if at all possible. Before selections are finalized, counselors will review the choices, checking prerequisites and considering post-high school plans. It is the students’ responsibility to be familiar with qualifications for the courses they wish to take and their status regarding graduation requirements and college entrance requirements.

We encourage students to make the BEST decisions NOW and to make a serious commitment to the courses they originally select.