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Passes & Notes Academic Units - Explanation and Listing

Your post-high school plans will determine to a great extent which courses you will take in high school. Students who are planning to go to a four-year college should accrue a minimum of sixteen academic units before graduation. An academic unit is earned for completion of study in a year-long college-preparatory course. Students will want to present as strong an academic record as possible to prospective colleges. To help in planning, the courses which are generally accepted by colleges as academic units are listed here. Please refer to footnotes for clarification. NOTE: Semester courses do not earn academic unit status.

All Tech Prep Classes (1) Adv. Pre Calculus Honors College Physics
Business and Criminal Law (1) Trig & Algebraic Functions A.P. Physics C
International Business (1) Calculus A.P. Physics B
A.P. Economics (1) A.P. Calculus – AB, BC Sci. Appl. of Multi-Variable Calc.
English I, II, III, IV – all levels A.P. Statistics  
Ancient Greek I & II Music Theory I (1) Analysis
Latin I, II, III, IV, V – all levels A.P. Music Theory (1) Global Studies – all levels
Spanish, IIA,IIIA (2) A.P. Art History (1) Holocaust & Genocide
Spanish I, II, III, IV, V A.P. European History Govt. & Economics – all levels
Honors / AP Spanish V Physical & Earth Science IPLE I & II (1)
Spanish for Native Speakers I, II (1) Biology I Psychology
French I, II, III, IV, V – all levels Biology II A.P. Psychology
Algebra I/Elements of Alg. I/Adv. Alg. I A.P. Biology Military History and Strategy
Geom./Elem. of Geom./Adv. Geom. Human Anatomy and Physiology U.S. History - all levels
Alg.II/Adv. Alg. II Field Ecology & Animal Behavior The Vietnam Era (1)
Hon. Alg. II./Elem. of Alg. II A.P. Environmental Science Race, Class & Gender in America (1)
Computer Prog./ Comp. Science II Chemistry I-T/ Chemistry I-CC Simulations in World Trade (1)
A.P. Computer Science A Honors Chemistry I Asian Studies (1)
Discrete Math A.P. Chemistry A.P. U.S. Govt. & Politics
Introduction to Statistics Physics I-T/Physics I-A A.P. Comp. Govt. & Politics
Preparation for College Math Science & Society (1) American Justice (1)

(1) Accepted as an academic unit by some colleges, but is not universally accepted.
(2) Completion of these two course sequence yields one academic unit.

NCAA Information
College-bound athletes need to be sure that they meet NCAA eligibility requirements by enrolling in the required number of authorized core courses. Although most of the courses listed as academic units qualify as eligible core courses, students should check with their counselors for NCAA information or go to to see which of our courses are authorized core courses. In addition, perspective athletes must meet GPA and SAT/ACT score requirements. The NCAA uses a sliding scale in regard to GPA and SAT scores. You can consult for further details.

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