Questions to Ask about Colleges Questions to ask College Admissions Representatives at College Fairs, Information Sessions or at SBHS:
  1. What are your admissions requirements?

  2. Is the ACT / SAT required?

  3. Is the ACT accepted in place of the SAT?

  4. How can I best prepare to be accepted at your institution?

  5. Is an admissions interview required or offered?

  6. Will the school be holding an open house? If so, when?

  7. What are the current costs for tuition, room and board, and other required fees?

  8. Does the school offer need-based financial aid as well as non-need based scholarships? Are there additional forms required other than the FAFSA, such as the CSS Profile?

  9. Is on-campus housing mandatory for out-of-state students?

  10. How many years of housing are guaranteed for students?

  11. Will I have an academic advisor to help me with course scheduling?

  12. What support services are offered for students (peer counseling, tutoring, job placement)?

  13. What is the student to teacher ratio?

  14. What types of medical facilities are located on campus? Where is the nearest hospital?

  15. Can freshman have cars on campus? Is adequate parking available?

  16. Is there an orientation program for incoming freshman? When is it held?
Questions to ask students and tour guides when you visit a campus:
  1. What are the best and worst things about this college?

  2. Has the college lived up to your expectations? Why or why not?

  3. What's one thing thats different from what you expected?

  4. What questions did you not ask about the college that you wish you had?

  5. Have you been happy with the college overall?

  6. How strong is the _______________ department?

  7. How challenging is the school?

  8. How is the grading system? Do they grade on a curve?

  9. How much time do students typically spend studying?

  10. What is the workload like?

  11. What are the classes like?

  12. What percentage of classes are large lecture? What percentage are small discussion groups?

  13. What types of classes have large lectures? Do they include a recitation period?

  14. How easy / difficult is it to register for the classes you want?

  15. What is your favorite class? Why?

  16. What are the professors like?

  17. Who teaches classes - Professors or TA's?

  18. What is the social atmosphere like?

  19. Is there a lot of dating?

  20. Is the student population diverse? In what way?

  21. Have you made good friends?

  22. Is there a lot of drinking or drug use?

  23. What percentage of students belong to a fraternity or sorority?

  24. What is it like for students who don't belong to a fraternity or sorority?

  25. Do you feel supported at the school by administration and professors?

  26. What are the dorms like? Are there any to avoid?

  27. What is there to do on campus? Clubs, social activities, intramurals or club sports?

  28. What is the atmosphere like on campus at night?

  29. Do many students go home on weekends?

  30. Which are the best places to eat on campus? What are the school dining options? How is the food?

  31. Is the campus safe at night?

  32. What is there to do in town?

  33. What's nearby that's worth checking out?

  34. What types of off-campus trips and activities are offered?

  35. Where is the nearest train or bus station?