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Each day, students at South Brunswick High School watch and listen to a brief television program that highlights various academic, athletic and extra-curricular happenings around the school that day and in the near future. These morning announcements are aired live within the school and are taped and replayed twice daily on Comcast Cable Channel 28 or Verizon FiOS Channel 36 (Viking Television Network). The Morning Announcement television program is produced entirely by students participating in an upper level television production course at the school.

The information that appears below is a verbatim transcript of the morning announcements and will be posted online unedited, with one exception. In order to protect the privacy of our students on the World Wide Web, the last names of all students mentioned in the daily announcements have been removed.

Transcripts of the morning announcements will be posted daily on all days in which school is in session. These announcements will be posted simultaneously with the internal broadcast of the morning announcements.


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