Interesting academic courses, rich opportunities in the arts and extracurricular activities are the characteristics of a South Brunswick High School education. Our students choose from more than 200 course offerings. On average, 41% of these students take honors courses each year,16% take Advanced Placement or College Level courses, and over 70% participate in clubs, performance or athletic groups.

Grades 9-12 Enrollment: 2,660 Professional Staff: 247

COMMUNITY South Brunswick Township occupies 42 square miles in southern Middlesex County, New Jersey. It is located between New York and Philadelphia, near Princeton and Rutgers, giving easy access to the resources of two great cities and two great universities communities. About twenty years ago, the area was semi-rural with large farms and produce companies. Now it is dotted with industry and research labs such as Sarnoff Corporation, FMC Corporation and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

South Brunswick is one of the fastest-growing communities in the state. The school population has doubled over the last 10 years and continues to add approximately 200 new students each year. With this growth has come increasing economic and ethnic diversity. Forty-two languages other than English are spoken by members of our student body.

The community is characterized by a variety of housing options, including mobile home parks, low-and moderate income apartments and townhouses, condominium and single-family homes ranging from under $100,000 to $700,000.

ACCREDITATION South Brunswick High School is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and accredited by the Middles States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

SBHS Population

African-American - 11%

Asian-American - 28%

Hispanic - 6%

White - 55%

RANK IN CLASS (ERIC) South Brunswick Board of Education policy precludes the reporting of rank in class.

1 Year of... 2 Years of... 3 Years of... 4 Years of...
US History World Language (Same Language) Mathematics English
Global Studies   Science PE/Health
Government & Economics      
Visual/Performing Art      
Practical Art/Technology      

NJ High School Proficiency Assessment (HSPA)

Total Credits Required : 125

GRADING SYSTEM Grading and calculation of cumulative Grade Point Average is based on the following system:

In use through August 2007

Grade Numeric Range Standard Grade Points Honors Grade Points AP Grade Points
A 95-100 4.00 4.25 4.50
 A- 90-94 3.67 3.92 4.17
  B+ 87-89 3.33 3.58 3.83
B 83-86 3.00 3.25 3.50
 B- 80-82 2.67 2.92 3.17
  C+ 77-79 2.33 2.58 2.83
C 73-76 2.00 2.25 2.50
 C- 70-72 1.67 1.67 1.67
D 65-69 1.00 1.00 1.00
F 0-64 0.00 0.00 0.00

In use as of September 2007

Grade Numeric Range Standard Grade Points Honors Grade Points AP Grade Points
A 93-100 4.00 4.50 5.00
 A- 90-92 3.67 4.17 4.67
  B+ 87-89 3.33 3.83 4.33
B 83-86 3.00 3.5 4.00
 B- 80-82 2.67 3.17 3.67
  C+ 77-79 2.33 2.83 3.33
C 73-76 2.00 2.50 3.00
 C- 70-72 1.67 2.17 2.67
D 65-69 1.00 1.00 1.00
F 0-64 0.00 0.00 0.00

Included in
M = Medical 
W = Withdrawn
P = Pass
X = Audit
Not included
in GPA
WP = Withdrawn Passing
WF = Withdrawn Failing 
Included in GPA as credits attempted not earned:
0 points

CURRICULUM Since 1995, South Brunswick High School has adopted an alternating day "block" scheduling system. The majority of courses are year long and yield 5 credits. SBHS also offers semester elective courses which yield 2.5 credits and "double-block" courses and cooperative education courses yielding 10 and 15 credits respectively.

Courses are designated on the transcript as follows: "A" - Skill Development, "Hon" - Honors, "AP" - AP Courses, "Adv" - Advanced.

Honors Courses:

Honors English I Honors Latin III Honors Chemistry
Honors English II Honors Latin IV Human Anatomy
Honors English III Honors Spanish III Honors Biology
Honors English IV Honors Spanish IV Advanced College Physics
Honors U.S. History I Honors Spanish V Theatre Workshop II
Honors Govt. and Economics Honors French III Wind Ensemble
Honors Global Studies Honors French IV Concert Choir
Honors Algebra II Honors French V IPLE II
Pre-AP Calculus    

Students in the Art Portfolio, More Kids, Advanced Child Development, Foods III, Foods IV, Advanced Food, and HiTops may contract with teachers to do enrichment work for Honors weighting.

Advanced Placement / College Credit Courses:

AP English (Language) AP Psychology AP Art History
AP English (Literature) AP European History AP Studio Art
AP Latin V AP Calculus - AB AP Art Portfolio
AP Spanish V AP Calculus - BC AP Economics
AP French V AP Probability and Statistics AP Environmental Science
AP US Government and Politics AP Computer Science AP Music Theory
AP Government and Politics: Comparative AP Biology Advanced Computer Applications*
AP US History AP Physics B Business Organization and Management*
  AP Physics C College Accounting I & II*

We require all students enrolled in AP courses to sit for the exam. *College courses given AP weighting.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Recognition: In 2004, NJ Monthly Magazine ranked SBHS as one of the top 75 Public High Schools in NJ and one of the top 10 Large High Schools in NJ.

Joint College Enrollment: Accelerated programs for individual students are coordinated with nearby colleges such as Middlesex County College, Rutgers, and Princeton University.

Music: Our music department consistently wins state and regional awards for excellence. The 2001 Wind Ensemble is the first from the state of New Jersey to be selected as one of the top16 ensembles in the United States.

World Language: Our students have received Gold and Silver medals in the National Latin Exam for several years.

Athletics: SBHS fields 52 athletic teams. Our gymnasium seats 2,000 people and our outdoor stadium seats 3,000. We have hosted the "Meet of Champions" in track and field and have held group championships in basketball and wrestling. SBHS has excellent training facilities with a weight room and a Project Adventure / High Ropes course.

Peer Leadership/Project Adventure Program: All Freshmen participate in our Peer Leadership Program by working in small groups with trained Seniors who incorporate Project Adventure activities with other team building and discussion activities.
Academic Teams: Science League, Math League, Mock Trial, Chem Olympiad, Robotics Wars, Junior Statesmen of America, World Language Team

TV Studio: SBHS has a television studio that is student-run under the direction of a faculty member. Morning announcements, athletic events, theatre productions, Board of Education meetings and other events are broadcast to the school and community at large.

Class Math Mean Math
2007 550 11.8% 23.9% 30.9% 22.9%
2006 557 13.7% 23.9% 31.4% 22.8%

Class Verbal Mean Verbal
2007 517 5.7% 17.0% 34.5% 31.0%
2006 523 9.2% 16.0% 34.6% 27.9%

Class Writing  Mean Writing
2007 527 6.6% 19.4% 34.6% 29%
2006 532 7.3% 19.9% 30.5% 27.9%

Class NMSQT (PSAT) Semi-finalist NMSQT (PSAT) Commended Students NJ Bloustein Scholars
2007 6 28 45
2006 9 29 55

Class # of Students # of AP Tests Administered % Scored 3 or above
2007 470 1080 68.0%
2006 478 913 71.3%