Senior Portrait and Dedication Information
On Tuesday, May 16th, the school's photography company mailed letters home to each member of the class of 2018 regarding senior portraits, including your child's scheduled appointment in June or August. In addition, photography and senior dedication information was distributed in your child's English class at the end of this week. Please read all literature you receive regarding these matters so you are aware of deadlines that must be adhered to. Included here is information explaining the senior portrait requirements as well as information about senior dedications (all of which was distributed in English classes). All photography inquires must be made to Lors Photography, not the yearbook adviser (this includes inquires about portrait appointments). All dedication inquiries must be sent to
Class of 2018 Senior Portrait Dedication Reminders
Class of 2018 Dedications Letter
Class of 2018 Dedications Order Form


Parking for Juniors
Due to the number of Seniors going on Senior Society, we have available spots in the Senior Parking Lot. We will be opening these spots to qualifying Juniors starting June 5th. Please use the link below to complete the form. PLEASE NOTE: Only Juniors that are LOGGED into their Google account will be able to access this form.


Junior Prom Tuxedo Offer
Please click here for information on Junior Prom Special being offered by Princeton Tuxedo.

Student Loan Information
For many years the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) has prepared a Student Loan Guide to be distributed to New Jersey high school students.  In January 2013 legislation was passed by the New Jersey Legislature and signed into law by Governor Christie requiring HESAA to prepare a similar brochure and directing high schools to annually disseminate it to each student in the 11th and 12th grades.
In accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:71A-35, please see the Student Loan Guide e-booklet link below and a new tool, The Student Loan Game Plan.
E-booklet link to the Student Loan Guide:
Interactive Student Loan Game Plan:

In addition, the following is the link of this state law for your review.
State Law regarding Student Loans