Back to School Information...

As per our Back-to-School opening letter that you received from us through the US Postal Service, please click on the following links below to view and print all pertinent back-to-school information. Please remember that Health/Emergency Contact Information forms and Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement forms must be returned on the first day of school.


Back-to-School Opening Day letter (mailed home to families)
Schedule for Opening Days of School
Health Information and Emergency Contact Information (blank forms) – (forms with your student’s information were mailed home in Back-to-School mailing)
E-Mail Notification Services – (form sent home to you in Back-to-School mailing)

Parent Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement- All students will have to sign an updated AUP form in class during the first few days of school. In addition, parents must sign and acknowledge the AUP form electronically through PowerSchool. Acknowledgement is not an option; it's a requirement. If not acknowledged by September 18, it will be understood that the parent/guardian is acknowledging by omission. The State of NJ does not allow us to grant permission for students to use our technology without completing this process-it must be completed by September 18th.


The following non-consent forms need to be returned to school by September 18th. If we do not receive these forms back by that time, it is understood that you are granting permission for the school district to use student information on its website, to release information to the local media, and to include student information in school publications (e.g. yearbook, graduation programs, recognition programs, playbills, etc.).
Media non-consent form
Web page non-consent form


BRIDGE Center non-consent form – (9th grade students only) If you are interested in having your child meet with someone from the Bridge Center and/or to obtain a copy of the Bridge Center consent form, please contact us at 732-329-4044 extension 3246.


Military Connected Information Form

Additional information for your review:

Free and Reduced Lunch Information
Student Insurance Information
Chartwells Dining Services Letter and Chartwells Breakfast Information
Principal's August Back to School Newsletter


Assistant Principal Letters
9th Grade Letter - Class of 2020
10th Grade Letter - Class of 2019
11th Grade Letter - Class of 2018

12th Grade Letter - Class of 2017

First Day of School Orientation rooms
9th Grade - Class of 2020

10th Grade - Class of 2019

11th Grade - Class of 2018

12th Grade - Class of 2017


Schedule for Opening Day of School

Convocation Day Bell Schedule
Attendance Letter
Tardy Letter
PTO Membership Form
Project Graduation/Sponsor-A-Senior form
2016-2017 School Calendar and School Closing Information from the District

The following pertain to the grades listed:

9th Grade and New Students
Getting to Know SBHS Pamphlet

10th/11th Grades

PSAT Information

11th/12th Grades
Parental Objection to Release Student Information to Military/College/University Recruiters or Prospective Employers

12th Grade
Authorization to release transcripts
Understanding SBHS transcripts and calculating GPA

Fall Senior Parking Information

Cap and Gown Information and Order Form

If you have any questions or need to speak to your grade level assistant principals, please call 732-329-4044.
Grades 9 (Class of 2020) – Michael Scheese extension 5235

Grade 10 (Class of 2019) - Jaymee Boehmer extension 5218
Grades 11 (Class of 2018) – Susana Nikitczuk extension 5281

Grade 12 (Class of 2017) - Adalis Alvarez-Craft extension 5240