ImPACT Online testing instructions – click here At South Brunswick, the health and safety of our athletes has always been our top priority.

In recent years, medical science has increasingly confirmed the potential, long-term effects of repeated, untreated head injuries among athletes. Because of this, we have been pro-active and aggressive in taking measures to assess the severity of concussions and promote a safe return to play.

Several years ago, South Brunswick implemented a software program to assess head injuries, called ImPACT. This program tests all athletes pre-season and obtains a baseline measurement of neuro-cognitive function. During the season, if an athlete has a suspected head injury, he/she is retested and the result is compared to that original, baseline measurement. A Viking athlete is not allowed to return to play after a head injury until his/her measurement return to the baseline “normal” status.

The ImPACT software has been successfully used in college and professional athletics to help protect athletes and support their safe return to play. At South Brunswick, we are committed to using the same software to protect the health and safety of our students.

We hope that the following FAQs will provide the answers to any questions you may have about ImPACT: