Social Studies Department

Welcome to the SBHS Social Studies Department. Please click on the following links to access emails and information.


South Brunswick High School Social Studies Department


Theresa Jennings - Supervisor

732-329-4044 Ext. 5230

Patrice Gorman - Department Chair
732-329-4044 Ext. 3288

Marc Babich

Michelle Bussiere

Sean Cannon

Marisa Carlisi

Ryan Fisher

Nicholas Gazzale

Patrice Gorman - Chair

Kimberly Greenberg

Christopher Hines

Cristina Janis

Jeff Johnson
Jeffrey King

Marc Lifland

Justin McCuen
Beth McGinley
Stefan Moorhead

Lauren Morris

Justin Negraval

Zachary Nieman

Ramon Quinones

Samantha Saldanha-Kuncharam

Gregory Scher


Scott Wissocki