SAMCLA=Scientific Applications of Multivariable Calculus & Linear Algebra; DECA=Differential Equations and Complex Analysis

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General Class Information
2012 Summer
Expectations of Students (pdf)
Homework & Study
Science & Math
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Multivariable Calculus Schedule Fall 2012
Linear Algebra
Schedule Spring 2013
Tests & Solutions
2 I know this is not a real picture.  If it were real, the moon and the sun would cover the same solid angle as during a solar eclipse.  You will learn the meaning of the solid angle in this course.

Your grades will be based on
  • the quality & the quantity of your work
  • your effort in and out of the class and
  • your overall understanding of the course material

3 Multivariable Calculus
Linear Algebra

MultivariableCalculus and Linear Algebra topics in pdf form

2007 Linear Algebra PoS as agreed upon
by the students and the instructor in pdf form and

2007 LA Expectations of Students.

4 Your assigments must have the following (QQUE) self assessments





GENERAL POINT DISTRIBUTION for the Cumulative HW Assignments

10 % Neatness
  • I should be able to follow your work
  • Leave ~3/4" margins
  • You are encouraged to reuse paper or use recycled paper
  • but all sheets must be the same size
 30 % Correctness (this maybe 60% for some assignments)
  • "Randomly" selected set of problems will be graded
 60 % Completeness (this maybe 30% for some assignments)
  • One point per problem or per part
     X NO, you cannot resubmit previously graded work!
     X Yes, you have the solutions to some problems, and,
         yes, you have to submit them in your own writing!

And one day, this class will end too …

with it, all the pain and agony!

Enjoy the course while you can.