Dr. Çakır's Chess & Philosophy, and ... Jazz Club and the Chess Team

This club/team is not a pay-to-participate club/team. This means it does not show up on your transcript. I am here to provide you with a place to come to in order for you to play chess, have philosophical discussions, and listen to music during lunch and many days after school during the chess season and depending on my availability the rest of the year. In other words, I am here for you to exercise your mind and gain skills. If you wish to have a club/team on your transcript, you should enroll in one of the pay-to-participate clubs/teams as well. However, if you should wish to have a letter from me confirming your participation in this club, I will be happy to write you one. If you are on the chess team and participate in USCF rated chess events, you will also receive an official chess rating.

Location: Annex 310


B-days: All three lunches

A-days: All three lunches


Çakır's Guidelines to Chess Improvement (BBRing your games)


thinking jazz






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Chess League Matches

28 November
5 December
12 December
15-16 December
Tournament at Cherry Hill
19 December
2 January
9 January
16 January
20 January
All day Tournament at Toms River
23 January
30 January
2 February
All day Tournament at Eatontwn
6 February
13 February
16-18 February

US Amateur East Tournament or World Amateur Team & U.S. Team East

20 February      

27 February









2-3 March

NJ Scholastic Chess Tournament at Union County Vocational-Technical School



Outstanding Performance

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