AP Physics Summer Assignment PDF


Welcome to Çakir’s AP Physics C!

If your goal is to learn physics to the best of your abilities and to develop academic, critical and scientific thinking skills, you are very lucky; you are in the
right place. If past experience is any indication, you will find this course to be challenging but also to be one of the most rewarding experiences in your K-12
career and possibly beyond (however, a few of you might feel differently). You will learn more physics than you thought possible, you will become more
intelligent, more reflective, and develop wisdom, subtle humility, and sensible humor along the way. By the time this course is over, you will have learned as
much physics as what is covered in an equivalent course in some of the best colleges/universities in the world based on the feed back I have received from my
students over the years--and some of you might be made to feel like “a physics genius” by your peers when you get to college. Based on past experience,
many students receive a grade of 90+% in the course (more than a third), in general more than three quarters receive above 80%; about 60%-100% of the class receive
5’s, about 80%-100% 4’s or higher, on the AP exam. Check the course website for the most up-to-date information. Please do not take this information as a
guarantee for you to receive a specific score or a grade; only you and your study habits can determine your actual grade and scores.

With that said, here is your summer assignment:
Space out the work: Set aside one to two weeks per chapter. Do NOT leave it to the labor day weekend no matter how tempting this maybe!
Sample Schedules:

  Fast Leisurely Snail-surely
Chapter 1 (1-2 hrs Ch & Examples + 2-4 hrs Problems) June 27-30 July 1-7 July 1-7
Chapter 2 ( 2-4 hrs Ch & Examples + 3-6 hrs Problems) July 1-7 July 7-18 July 7-21
Chapter 3 ( 2-4 hrs Ch & Examples + 3-6 hrs Problems) July 7-14 July 18-30 July 21-August 4
Chapter 4 ( 2-4 hrs Ch & Examples + 3-6 hrs Problems) July 14-21 August 1-11 August 4-18
Chapters 1-4 Review (at least read all the examples) Aug 25-Sep 5 Aug 25-Sep 5 Aug 25-Sep 5

If you need to review Physics I topics, set aside 2-3 weeks for it and push back the schedule above accordingly.


Part 0 (Optional): Do this work if you feel you need to review Physics I. Do not worry if you have difficulty with some of the concepts.
o Go to http://www.sbschools.org/schools/sbhs/academic_departments/science/mcakir/index.php
o Scroll down to Documents for AP Physics C & Honors Physics
o Download the following files

o 1. Introduction (you just need to be exposed to the ideas in here)
o 2. Kinematics in 1D (you should be able to handle most or all of this)
o 3. Kinematics in 2D (you should be able to handle most or all of this)
o 4. More Kinematics (you should be able to handle most of this)
o 5. Dynamics and the Work Sheet (you should be able to handle most of this)
o 6. Energy & Work (you should be able to handle most of this)

o Study these documents, do the examples as described below then the problems. If you enjoy them, download and do the remaining files.

Part 1 (Required--this will help you handle the beginning of the course, the first quarter, more easily)
o Chapters 1-4 of the textbook. For each chapter
o Read the chapter
o Do each example (the BBR method for those who are familiar with it)
o cover the answer
o read the question part
o solve/answer it using a black pen or pencil, check your solution
o if your solution is wrong, study the example, then redo it using a blue pen
o if it is still wrong, copy the correct solution using a red pen, then move to the next one
o Obviously, the more mistakes you make the longer this will take but you will learn the material.
o Read every question.
o Solve EOO problem (4n+1) ie 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41, 45, 49, 53, 57, 61, 65, 69, 73, 77, … to the best of your ability with a black pen.
It is OK if you cannot answer some or any of the problems. It is important that you give your best effort. Be honest with yourself.
o Check your answers with the back of the book. Review the relevant examples, and redo the ones you got wrong with a blue pen.
o Move on even if you have problems you cannot solve after the first two times. Ask me about them when you get back in September.

Part 2 (Optional) Do the remaining odds if you feel like it. Do chapter 5 if you feel like it. Do the rest of the book if you feel like it, etc., etc.our text here