Mr. Martorano's Math Class

Homework for Mr. Martorano's Classes:


AP CALCULUS BC (Blocks 2A & 4B )

9/8/16 - 9/9/16:  Today, we started going over some of the material that you are expected to know.  I handed out a packet of 25 multiple choice questions and their answers that you should do for homework.  Also, please go through your summer assignment and mark any questions that you have for next class.  Our Summer Assignment assessment Test will be in two blocks.  We will tie up any loose ends next time, and the test will be the block after.


9/13/16 - 9/14/16:  Today, we went over all of the homework as well as some additional work in anticipation of the upcoming test.  For homework, I gave out another packet of practice multiple choice questions and a connect the dots activity.  Just a reminder that you can view a great video on related rates at  The code for joining my class is JUBARZZ.  Our Summer Assignment test will be next class so please come prepared.


9/15/16 - 9/16/16:  Today, we took the first part of the Summer Assignment Test.  Afterwards there was a round-table activity that allowed everyone the opportunity to get 3 extra credit points added on to their test score.  There is no formal homework other than to study for the second portion of the test which will be free-response.  Be prepared!


9/19/16 - 9/20/16:  We finished the free response portion of the Summer Assignment test today.  Afterwards, I handed out a differentiation exercise.  Please have that complete for next class.  We will begin with chapter 3 next time.......


9/21/16 - 9/22/16:  Today, we learned about extrema:  both relative and absolute.  I handed out the chapter assignment sheet.  Please do assignment #1 from that sheet and complete the exploration that we started in class;  5-6.  We will discuss both next class before moving ahead to the next section.

9/23/16 - 9/24/16:  After discussing some of the homework problems, we continued with the Mean Value Theorem (MVT) and then we proceeded to increasing/decreasing functions.  Since we did not finish this section, your homework tonight is only #2 on the assignment sheet for chapter 3.

9/27/16 - 9/28/16:  We went over the homework assignment and then learned how to use the first derivative test.  Please do assignment #3 for next time.  There will be a 35 point quiz next class that will cover the first three assignments from the chapter 3 assignment sheet.  We will answer questions from assignment 3 prior to the quiz.  Afterwards, we are going to learn about another useful test called the second derivative test.

9/29/16 - 9/30/16:  We took the quiz on the first three assignments from chapter 3 today.  Then, we started to take a look at the second derivative test.  You are going to be assigned #4, so if you want to begin that assignment, be my guest.  The half day kind of put us out of sync.  Give at least some of that assignemnt a shot for now.....

10/5/16 - 10/6/16:  After returning the quiz and going over it, we concluded the lesson on the Second derivative test.  Please do assignment #4 from the chapter 3 assignment sheet and have this work ready for next class.  There will be a short Quiz on Concavity in 2 blocks, so please stay on top of the work......

10/7/16 -10/10/16:  first, we went over the homework today.  Then, I announced that there was going to be a Quiz next class on Concavity plus "some other stuff".  We then proceeded to review limits at infinity.  Your homework tonight is to complete assignments #5 and #6  as well as to prepare for the quiz.  We will answer questions on the homework prior to taking the quiz.

10/11/16 - 10/13/16:  We started by answering questions on the homework.  Then, we took the quiz and when done, watched a Roadrunner/coyote cartoon  that had a worksheet tied to it.  Lastly, I showed you how to use all concepts learned thus far to sketch a curve.  Your homework assignment is to do #7 and #8 from the chapter 3 assignment sheet.

10/14/16 - 10/17/16:  Today, we covered the last topic of chapter 3 which was optimization.  By next class, we should have the following assginments completed:

#7, 8, 9, 10.  I know that there is a lot of work here, so even though it is recommended that you do ALL of the problems, if you feel you get a topic, do whatever problems you feel conveys the main idea.  There is a chapter 3 test coming up in 2 blocks.

10/18/16 -10/20/16:  We had a Match Game activity today.  It was worth 10 points and most of you did very well!  The test has been moved since I realized that I had not covered the last topic in the chapter.  We got our quizzes back and then covered the Differential.  Your newest homework is to complete assignments #11, and #13 from your assignment sheet for chapter 3.  Please bring ALL of your homeworks to next class as we will be having a huge Q&A on many of them.  I will give you specific test info next time.

10/21/16 - 10/24/16:  The day started off with a Halloween review activity for most of the material presented thus far in the course.  Then, we answered questions from various homework assignments.  The chapter 3 test will be next block.  It carries a hefty 100 point value so please be sure that you are ready!

10/25/16 - 10/26/16:  Today, we took the Chapter 3 test.   I also handed out an assignment on Slope Fields.  Please complete the assignment and bring it with you to next class.

10/27/16 - 10/28/16:  Today we started the block with a graded Halloween activity.  Then we learned some basics about integration.  Your homework is assignments #1 &2 from the Chapter 4 assignment sheet.

10/31/16 - 11/1/16:  Happy Halloween!  Today the class time was spent going over a number of previous homeworks and tests.  There is no homework this evening - enjoy your day.

11/2/16 - 11/3/16:  The main topic for today was understanding how to find the area under a curve using the limit definition of the integral.  It was a loooong and fairly dry lesson, but a necessary one.  Please do assignment #3 from the chapter 4 assignment sheet for next time.

11/4/16 - 11/7/16:  We learned about the definite integral today.  Please do assignment #4 from the chapter 4 assignment sheet.

11/8/16 - 11/9/16:  Today, we went over some material and a final quiz for the first marking period was announced for next time.  The 40 point, all MC quiz will be ten questions long and will cover all material from the first six assignments for chapter 4.  Please make sure that you can do all of the work on these assignments.  By the way, I assinged #5 and #6 from the sheet today.  I will answer a few quick questions prior to the quiz next class.  We began working on an exploration 1-4 to introduce the Trapezoidal approximation.  If you did not finish, please bring it with you to next class.

11/14/16 - 11/15/16:  We took the chapter 4 Quiz today.  Grades are already posted on powerschool.  That closes the 1st marking period.  If you did not finish the exploration 1-4 on the trapezoidal approximation, that is the homework for next class.

11/16/16 - 11/17/16:  Today, we began by going over the trapezoidal rule worksheet.  Then, we went down to the DLC and learned about average value.  When we returned to the room, I showed some examples of problems involving it and we then learned about the second fundamental theorem of Calculus.  Please do as much of assignments #7 and #8 as you can.  We will finish the section next class.

11/22/16 - 11/23/16:  We finished up the chapter today.  You will be responsible for completing all of the homework on the assignment sheet with the exception of #11.  We will have the Chapter 4 Test 2 blocks after we return from Thanksgiving break.  Work at your own pace and try not to do any work over the break.  Happy Thanksgiving!

11/28/16 - 11/29/16:  Today, we wrapped up chapter 4 and started chapter 5.  The Chapter 4 Test will be given next class.  I also started chapter 5.  You have an additional assignment of #1 and #2 from the Chapter 5 assignment sheet.

11/30/16 - 12/1/16:  The block was spent taking our Chapter 4 Test.  If you were absent (with a legitimate reason), please make it up ASAP!  The homework is to have assignments #1 AND #2 from the chapter 5 Assignment Sheet ready for next class.

12/2/16 - 12/5/16:  Today, we moved ahead and learned about the remaining trigonometric functions.  You have assignments #3 and #4 from the chapter 5 assignment sheet.

12/6/16 - 12/7/16:  We learned about the calculus of inverse functions today.  Your homework is to complete assignment #5 from the chapter 5 assiginment sheet.  A quiz is coming up very soon. Stay tuned for more details.

12/8/16 - 12/9/16:  The topic of conversation today was the derivative of e and the integral of e.  You have assignment #6 from the chapter 5 assignment sheet.  We will most definietly be having a chapter test prior to the break so now is the time to stay on top of everything!

12 /12/16 - 12/13/16 :  Today, we covered inverse trigonometric functions and their derivatives.  Your homework is to complete assignment #7 from the chapter 5 assignment sheet. Our chapter 5 test will be in 2 classes.

12/14/16 -12/15/16:  We concluded chapter 5 today by learning about integration that involves inverse trigonometric functions.  You should be SURE to complete assignment #8 from your chapter 5 assignment sheet.  I will answer a few questions regarding that assignment prior to the Test which will be administered next time we meet.

12/16/16 - 12/19/16:  After answering a few questions from the last homework assignment, we took our chapter 5 test.  There is no other homework for this evening.

12/20/16 - 12/21/16:  Today, we started working on the holiday Cookie Recipe project.  We will have next block to work on it as well.  There is no homework tonight other than to plan accordingly for the conclusion of the project.

1/3/17 - 1/4/17:  We were assigned a "Scrabble Project" that is due 2 classes from today.  We also covered section 6.1.  Please do the first assignment on the chapter 6 assignment sheet for next class.

1/5/17 - 1/6/17:  The topic for today was finding the volume of solids using the methods of disks and washers.  You have assignment #2 due next class.  Our quiz on assignments #1 and #2 will be in 2 blocks.

1/9/17 - 1/10/17:  Today, we learned about the method of Shells.  I handed out an independent study packet and announced two quiz dates.  Next class, we have a 35 point quiz on assignments #1, and #2.  I collected the Scrabble Projects.  You have assignment #3 due for next time.

1/11/17 - 1/12/17:  The quiz today took a lot longer than expected.  Use this opportunity to catch up on assignment #3 from the chapter 6 sheet.

1/13/17 - 1/17/17:  Today, we finally went over the chapter 5 test, then we went over homework assignment #3 and then we learned about arc length.  You are asked to do assignment #4, but only the problems that concern arc length.  We will finish the section by covering surface area next time.  

1/18/17 - 1/19/17:  Several things were returned today.  Then, we finished the chapter.  You have assignments #4 and #5 due for next class.  Here is the Test/quiz schedule for the remainder of the month:

A DAY - Jan 20th is the packet Quiz, Jan 24th is the Chapter 6 Test

B DAY - Jan 23rd is the Chapter 6 test, Jan 25th is the packet Quiz

I cannot stress the importance of coming to class if you are not ill.  This is the end of the marking period and failure to show for a quiz/test could result in a delay for your quartely grade!

1/20/17 - 1/23/17 :  Depending on which day class you are in, there is no homework this evening.  Please prepare for your quiz/test.  We will begin chapter 7 after the assessments are over.  I handed out the Chapter 7 assignment sheet.

1/24/17 - 1/25/17:  The end of the quarter tests/quizzes continue today.  For homework, you should try to do problems #1 - 23 odd on the hand-out from class.  

1/26/17 1/27/17:  We quickly went through the first section of chapter 7.  Then we learned about Integration by parts.  Your homework is to complete Assignments #1 and #2 from the chapter 7 assignment sheet for next class.

2/10/17 - 2/13/17:  Sorry that I've had to be out for a while!  Today, we just tried to bring everyone up to speed on some of the missed lessons like trig substitution and partial fractions.  For homework, please do your best to catch up on the appropriate assignments.  We will continue next time!

2/14/17 - 2/15/17:  Today, we wrapped up all remaining material so far from chapter 7.  Next class, there will be a mid-chapter 7 multiple choice quiz worth 30 points.  For homework, I handed out a miscellaneous worksheet with three practice problems (exploration 9-11).  Please come ready for the quiz next time.

2/22/17 - 2/23/17:  We finished chapter 7 today by covering improper integrals.  You have the final assignment #7 from the chapter 7 sheet for next class.  The test will be in 2 blocks.

2/24/17 -2/27/17:  Today, I returned several old quizzes/tests.  Then, after going over the homework, we learned how to compute volumes of known cross sections.  I handed out a worksheet that had four problems of this nature on it.  Our chapter 7 test will be next class.  Please prepare for the test accordingly.  We will be tested on volumes of known cross-sections at a later date.

2/28/17 - 3/1/17:  We took the chapter 7 test today.  It took the whole block so there is no homework this evening.  We will begin chapter 8 next class.

3/2/17 - 3/3/17:  Today, we covered section 8.1.  I handed out some sample free response questions to help you prepare for the Post Assessment Quiz that will be given next block.  So, please do assignment #1 from the chapter 8 assignment sheet and study for the Post Assessment quiz!

3/6/17  - 3/7/17:  After taking the Post Assessment, we learned about telescoping series, geometric series and the nth term test for divergence.  All of this material is covered in section 8.2.  Please do assignment #2 from the chapter 8 Assignment sheet.  Just a friendly reminder:  Failure to keep up with the assignments could put you at risk on this unique material!  It is much wiser to stay up to date so that the material will make much more sense to you.  

3/8/17 - 3/9/17:  Due to the half day schedule, we only were able to cover the Integral test today.  Therefore, you should only do problems in assignment #3 that deal with the Integral test.  We will finish the lesson next class by covering the P-series test.

3/10/17 - 3/13/17:  We finished section 3 by covering the P-series.  You should complete assignment5 #3 from the chapter 8 assignment sheet now.  You will be having a quiz next class on sections 8.1 - 8.3.  It will have the usual multiple choice and free response sections.

3/20/17 - 3/21/17:  Everything is returning to normal now and we took our quiz today on sections 8.1 - 8.3.  Some people opted to take the upcoming Calculus Soduku project today.  If you didn't take one, I will hand them out next class.

3/22/17 - 3/23/17:  We learned about the direct comparison test and the limit comparison test today.  Please do assignment #4 from your chapter 8 assignment sheet.  If you owe me any makeups, please do so immediately!

3/24/17 - 3/27/17:  Today, we learned about three tests:  The Alternating Series test, the Ratio test and the Root test.  Your homework is to complete assignment #5 from the chapter 8 assignment sheet.  We will be having a quiz on assignments 1 - 5 in 2 blocks.

3/28/17 - 3/29/17:  Today, you were given a handout and we went over Taylor Polynomials and MacLaurin Polynomials.  You have assingment #6 for next time.  Additionally, you were given a packet of sample AP questions.  We went over the first three.  You have a quiz next time on assignments #1 - 5.  Please come prepared.  I collected the Soduku puzzles.  They will be graded and recorded online shortly.

 3/30/17 - 3/31/17:  After taking the last quiz of the third marking period today, we learned about forming power series and figuring out the Radius of convergence.  For homework, please complete assignment #7 from the chapter 8 assignment sheet.

4/3/17 - 4/4/17:  We finished chapter 8 today.  Please complete the remaining assignments on the Chapter 8 Assignment sheet.  If You have this class on an "A" Day, your quiz will be on Friday.  If you have this class on a "B" Day, you have the quiz on this Thursday.

5/1/17 - 5/2/17:  Sorry for the "lapse" in posts.  Between spring break and surgery, it's been a busy April!  Anyway, we spent the block practising Multiple choice questions today. Your homework is to complete the Calculator section of the packet.  I believe that there are about 10 questions.  Next class, we will work on Free response questions.

5/30/17 - 6/1/17:  We are continuing to work on our Calculus Video Projects.  The due date will be in a week or so.  Please continue to make progress.



5/15/17 - 5/16/17:  Now that AP exams are over, we are starting some of our projects.  The first is the PreCalcucaching project.  The directions for the project are as follows:

*  Your group must have no more than 4 members 

*  Every group member MUST submit a completed packet.

*  The neatest packet should be placed on the top of the submitted pile.

*  You MUST include one copy of the final certificate.

*  The due date is to be announced.......









ALGEBRA II  (Blocks 3A, 4A & 3B )


 9/8/16 - 9/9/16:  We started reviewing today for the summer assignment quiz which will be next time.  Your homework is to complete the review packet that was handed out and use the answer sheet provided to check your answers.  PLEASE be sure to bring this with you to class!


9/13/16 - 9/14/16:  Today, I answered questions from both the summer assignment and the review packet.  The second half of the block, we took our summer assignment quiz.  There is no homework this evening.  We will officially start Algebra 2 next class!

9/15/16 - 9/16/16:  We officially began Algebra 2 today!  We went over some absolute value equations briefly and then turned our attention to inequalities.  We practiced on a series of "hilarious" riddle worksheets which became our homework (the unfinished questions).  Please come with them completed and a very good understanding of the material next time.  We will be continuing with absolute value inequalities.

9/19/16 - 9/20/16:  Today, we went over the homework and then learned how to solve absolute value inequalities.  We made a foldable study aid for our notebooks.  Your homework is to complete the following:

Page 30:  #23-28 (choose 3) and Page 45:  #16-21 all

We will be having a quiz on this material in 2 blocks.

9/21/16 - 9/22/16:  Today, we went over the homework and started to review how to graph inequalities with two variables.  Our 24 point quiz on Absolute value equations and inequalities will be taken care of first thing next time we meet.  It is 24 points and will consist of mostly multiple choice questions with possibly a few free response questions.  No homework tonight other than to prepare for the quiz.  You might want to study from you foldout that we made in class the other day!

9/23/16 - 9/24/16:  We started with the Absolute value quiz.  Afterwards, we started learning about how to sketch/graph the absolute value function.  Unfortunately, due to the time, we were unable to complete the section and so the unthinkable has occurred -- no homework again.  Don't worry, I will make it up to you next week!

9/27/16 -9/28/16: Today, we learned how to graph absolute value inequalities.  Then, we started working on Linear Programming problems.  I handed out a packet and we did an activity and an example.  Your homework tonight is on page 119:  #9-23 odd and Page 120 #35.  We will continue with the lesson on LP next time....

9/29/16 - 9/30/16:  We began by going over the homework from last night.  Then, I reviewed the Linear Programming process and I handed out a half-sheet in which I asked you to do #'s 5, 6, and 7.  Please do your best to have these three questions complete and ready for next time.  The difficulty level is going up next class so your understanding at this stage is key.....

10/5/16 - 10/6/16:  Today, we made the jump to Linear Programming Word problems, much to the dismay of many of you!  The homework was a four question worksheet that was handed out at the end of class.  I know this can be challenging, but unfortunately, it is part of our curriculum and cannot be avoided.  My suggestion is to tackle the four questions in this order:  #2,3,4,1.  We will be having a "throwback" Quiz in 2 blocks - I'll tell you all about it next time.....

10/7/16 - 10/10/16:  I handed out answer sheets to the homework that was due today.  Then, I announced that there was going to be a 39 point quiz next time on graphing linear inequalities and absolute value equations.  I recommended that everyone watch the 10 min video I made on  Please sign up for my Algebra 2 class using the code:  QDPERZQ

Then, we learned how to solve a system of equations with three variables.  Your homework is to complete five questions from the worksheet given out.  Remember that the answers are on the back and that it might be a good idea to do questions that have various solutions such as no solution and infinitely many solutions.  

10/11/16 - 10/13/16:  We began with the Quiz today.  After that, we went over the homework and we then looked at some system word problems - again with three variables.  Your homework tonight is to finish two of the three questions on the handout from class as well as:

Page 165:  #21, Page 166 #22, Page 167: #30

There is a big test coming up in 2 blocks.  Next time, we will review and the block thereafter, we will take the test!

10/14/16 - 10/17/16:  We played a review game today in preparation for the test next block on sections 2.8, 3.3 and 3.4.  Be sure to look over your review packet, but do not rely only on that!  You should use that as a guideline, but also go over your homeworks and your notes!  The homework is on Page 126:  #55, 57, 59, 60 and page 157: #2, 7a and Page 207: #21 and Page 208: #28, 29.  We will go over this before starting the test next class!

10/18/16 -10/20/16:  We answered a few questions and then had our big test.  Check power school for grades - I am working feverishly to post them as soon as I can!  There is no formal homework this evening.  We will start with some new material next class.

10/21/16 - 10/24/16:  Your tests were returned and we learned about Determinants and Cramer's rule today. The homework is on page 195 in the text:  #26 - 34 all and #39 - 45 odd.

10/25/16 - 10/26/16: After reviewing the homework, we learned about Piecewise functions today.  You guys all did an awesome job!  Your homework is on a worksheet that I handed out .  Please do the following numbers from that sheet labeled Practice B:  #1-12, #14, #16-#19, #21.  Bring it with you to next class.

10/27/16 - 10/28/16:  Today after going over the homework, we worked on a computer activity entitled Marblesworks that was designed to help further our understanding of piecewise functions.  There is no formal homework tonight.

10/31/16 - 11/1/16:  Happy Halloween! Today, we learned how to write piecewise equations and we worked on a "Scavenger Hunt" activity to help reinforce the concept.  Your homework is to complete:@22 , #23, #24 on the sheet labeled 2.7 Practice B.  Do not forget that we are having a quick 20 point Quiz on Piecewise functions next class!

11/2/16 - 11/3/16:  After taking our Piecewise Quiz today, we began learning about how to graph parabolas and how similar they are to Absolute value graphs.  For homework, please do the following numbers from the sheet labeled 5.1 Practice B that was handed out during class:  #8, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 20

11/4/16 - 11/7/16 :  Here is the link for today's lesson:  A handout with homework assignment was passed out during class.

11/8/16 - 11/9/16:  The focus of our work today was to make sure that everyone was understanding Parabolas.  We did some examples of all three forms and I believe that it was a successful day.  There is no homework this evening, but there will be a parabola Quiz in 2 classes.  Now would be a good time to make sure that you are up to speed on everything.

11/14/16 - 11/15/16:  We wrapped up Parabolas today by working on a calculator activity in which we used the calculator to compute Maximums, minimums and zeros.  There is no formal homework this evening.  Please prepare for the Parabola quiz next class.  We will start immediately with that next time.

11/16/16 - 11/17/16:  Today, started by taking the Parabolas quiz.  Then, we started reviewing factoring.  Your homework is to complete the following from the worksheet that was handed out during class:  Side of the worksheet labeled page 18 at bottom:  #1 - 12.  Please READ the examples on the sheet and check your answers.

11/22/16 - 11/23/16:  We learned about imaginary numbers today.  If we were unable to get to the color by numbers activity in class, please try to get that done either tonight or the Monday that we return from the break.  Be sure to not work on it during the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

11/28/16 - 11/29/16:  We concluded our work on imaginary numbers today.  Then, we reviewed for the Thanksgiving Quiz which is next block.  Your homework is to complete both sides of the sheet that was handed out.  Be sure to check your answers!  Also, please complete the Thanksgiving Quiz study guide - answers on sheet.

11/30/16 - 12/1/16:  After the Thanksgiving quiz today, we learned how to solve a Quadratic equation by Completing the Square.  I handed out a worksheet with answers.  Please complete the 10 problems on the worksheet that is marked with a 99 at the bottom. You should be checking your answers so that you can ask specific questions next time.

12/2/16 - 12/5/16:  We moved from completing the square to the Quadratic formula today.  Your assignment is to complete the 12 problems that were on the handout labeled Quadratic formula at the top.

12/6/16 - 12/7/16:  The main topic for today's class was the "Discriminant".  Your homework is to complete Page 270 #21 - 31 odd in the text book.  Please be sure to do parts a, b, and c.  Also, do #1 - #15 odd on the sheet handed out today "Using the Quadratic formula".  Remember to check your answers for all of this work!

12/8/16 - 12/9/16:  Today, we spent the block working on a sheet that brought all of the material learned thus far in this section together.  Please bring the completed sheet with you to next class so we can discuss.

12/12/16 - 12/13/16:  After going over the work from last week, I gave you the format for the Test on Quadratics (which is next class) and we participated in an activity that helped us see the differences in the methods for solving a quadratic equation.  Lastly, I gave out a worksheet (with worked out solutions) that should be done for homework.  If you complete this worksheet and thoroughly understand it, you should be more than adequately prepared for the test next class!

12/14/16 -12/15/16:  We spent the first half of the block answering any remaining questions from the homework last night.  Then, we took the Quadratics Test.  Scores will be available on power school  the following day.  There is no homework this evening.

12/16/16 - 12/19/16:  After getting back our Quadratics tests and going over them, we learned how to rewrite quadratic equations in standard form into vertex form.  Your homework is to complete Pages 278-279:  #1-4, 9-13, 26,35,37,39.  Disregard any problems that ask you to graph at this time.

12/20/16 - 12/21/16:  Today, we learned a few more basic ideas for the quiz that will be given next class.  There is no homework, but if you missed class, you should get the information from another student so that you can get the quiz out of the way next time!

1/3/17 - 1/4/17:  We learned about Quadratic inequalities today.  We then finished taking the quiz from before the break.  Scores are now on power school.  There is no homework this evening.

1/5/17 - 1/6/17:  The topic for today was properties of exponents.  After spending about half of the class reviewing/learning the properties, we spent the other half practicing them.  Your homework is to complete Page 307: #1-4, #16-23 and Page 308:#41 - 47 odd.

1/9/17 - 1/10/17:  Today was basically a review day of algebra 1 material.  We reviewed square roots, squaring numbers, addition and subtraction of polynomials and multiplying polynomials.  Your homework is on pages 307 - 308:  #9-14, 29-33, 53, and 60.

1/11/17 - 1/12/17:  Today, we learned about long division and synthetic division.  Your homework was on a hand out.  Please do the side of the sheet labeled page 11:  #1 - 9 and the side labeled page 12:  #1 - 10.  There will be a quick quiz next class on the exponent properties and synthetic division.

1/13/17 - 1/17/17:  After a brief homework review, we took the quick quiz and then began learning some of the new material.  Because we ran out of time, there is no homework assignment.  But be prepared, we will be having homework on this new section when we return!

1/18/17 - 1/19/17:  Today, we completed learning about evaluating functions.  Then we started taking a look at the graphs of various polynomials.  Your homework this evening is on pages 326-327:  #23-33 all.

1/20/17 - 1/23/17:  We covered sketching Polynomials, relative maxima and minima and zeros today.  Please be sure to complete the worksheet handed out that is labeled 5-4 Skills Practice, Page 25.  I handed out answer sheets, so please check your work.

1/24/17 - 1/25/17:  Today was Factor - Fest.  We learned and reviewed about ALL kinds of factoring.  If you missed class, you should see me to pickup 2 worksheets.  The homework is on the worksheet handed out toward the end of class labeled: Factoring Polynomials.  Please do #1 - 10 on the sheet for next class.

1/26/17 - 1/27/17:  We finished section 5.5 today by quickly reviewing solving polynomial equations AND doing a short graphing Calculator activity.  Our Test on 5.1 - 5.5 is going to be next class.  Your homework is to complete the study guide packet that I handed out in class today.  We will go over it first before taking the test next time.

2/10/17 - 2/13/17:  Sorry that I've had to be out for a while!  Today, we just tried to bring everyone up to speed on some of the missed lessons like synthetic substitution, possible rational zeros and finding rational zeros.  Please complete #1-6 on the top of the worksheet labeled page # 49.

2/14/17 - 2/15/17:  Today, we tied all of the information that we learned together.  Your homework is on page 363, #27- 35 odd.  There will be a brief quiz next class on some of the earlier material.

2/22/17 - 2/23/17:  We studied and reviewed for the Quest on sections 5.6, 5.7, and 5.8 today.  I handed out a packet of "Walking Dead" review questions with answers.  You should work through these so that you are ready for the Quest next block.

2/24/17 - 2/27/17:  After spending half of the block answering questions, we had our Quest on sections 5.6, 5.7, and 5.8 today.  There is no homework this evening.

2/28/17 - 3/1/17:  We started reviewing for the Post Assessment.  This quiz will be given in 2 blocks.  Afterwards, we learned section 6.1 - operations of functions.  Your homework is on page 389:  #1-6 all, #9-15 odd.

3/2/17 - 3/3/17: Today, we completed going over the Post Assessment review, then we got our last test back, we went over the homework and finally, we learned about inverses.  Your homework is two-fold:  Complete Page 396  #9 - 29 odd in the text and Study the review packet for the Post Assessment which will be next block!

3/6/17 - 3/7/17:  After taking our Post Assessment for the year, We learned about square root functions.  The homework for this evening is on page 403:  #16 - 18, 21-25, 28, 29.

3/8/17 - 3/9/17:  Depending on which day you have this class, you either have no homework or one of the previously listed homeworks.  Please check to see if you need to catch up based on the previous posts.

3/10/17 - 3/13/17:  We reviewed the past three sections today so that we are ready to take the quiz next class on 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3.  Your homework assignment is to complete the follwoing:

Pages 439-440:  #10, 11, 17, 20, 33, 34, 39

We will go over this assignment prior to taking the quiz.

3/20/17 - 3/21/17:  We reviewed and then took our quiz on 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3.  There is no formal homework this evening.  We will continue with section 6.4 next class.

3/22/17 - 3/23/17:  Today, we started working with nth roots.  We covered two sections:  6-4 and 6-5. Your homework is in two parts tonight.  

Part I:  Pages 409 - 410:   #1 - 10 all, 13 - 27 odd, 37.

Part II:  On the worksheet that was handed out in class, do page 33 #1-11 and page 34 #1-15.  Please have this ready for next class!

3/24/17 - 3/27/17: We went over the book portion of the homework.  Then, we began learning about rational exponents.  Your homework tonight is to take another look at the worksheet that was due this class. Also, please complete the problems that were assigned on the worksheet that was handed out during today's class.

3/28/17 - 3/29/17:  We wrapped up all outstanding homework assignments today and answered questions.  Then, we learned how to solve radical equations.  Your homework tonight is to do Page 425:  #1 - 14 all.  Next class, we will review all of the new material thus far and start preparing for our three section Quest.

3/30/17 - 3/31/17:  We learned how to solve Radical inequalities today. Your homework tonight is on Page 432:  #1 - 12.  We will be taking our quiz on these last three sections before leaving for Spring Break.

4/3/17 - 4/4/17:  Today, we wrapped up 6-4,6-5,6-7.  Next class, we are having our Quiz on these sections.  I am not giving any specific homework.  You should utilize some of the strategies that we discussed in class to help you study for it.  Remember to use the practice quiz as a guide.

5/1/17 - 5/2/17:  Sorry for the "lapse" in posts.  Between spring break and surgery, it's been a busy April!  Anyway, we spent the block studying Logarithms and the exponential and then we took our quiz on it.  I was pleased to see that everyone really learned quite a bit from the substitute.  We will pick up with our work next time.  No homework tonight!

5/3/17 - 5/4/17: Today, we covered section 8.1:  Rational expressions - multiplying and dividing.  Your homework assignment is in a packet that was handed out during class.:

Page 1:  #9-15 and Page 2:  #22-35.

5/5/17 - 5/8/17:  Today, we covered addition and subtraction of rational expressions.  Your homework is on page 541:  #23-33 odd and Page 542:#37, 39.  

5/9/17 - 5/10/17:  After going over the homework, we played a tic-tac-toe game in pairs and then mixed geometry with rational expressions on an in-class worksheet.  Your homework is to complete the worksheet for next time.

5/11/17 - 5/12/17:  After learning how to solve rational equations, we began work on a graded project - the octahedron.  You will have some time next class to finish up and turn it in.  Your homework is on one of the worksheets handed out that says "Kuta Software" at the top.  Please do #1-10 on side 1.

5/15/17 - 5/16/17:  Today we worked on finishing our Octahedron project.  I also handed out a practice packet for the upcoming test on Reational Expressions/equations. Please complete this review packet.  Next class, we will go over it during the first half of the block and then take the REAL test during the second half of the block.

5/19/17 - 5/22/17:  We started our unit on right triangle trigonometry today.  We worked on a matching activity and then I handed out your homework sheet.  Answers are provided at the bottom of your worksheet.  Please do both sides of it for homework.  

5/30/17 - 6/1/17:  Today, we had a casual day - We worked on two packets:  The first final exam review packet And the Radian measure review questions.  Next class, we will be taking our quiz on Right triangle trigonometry.  I will provide you with a calculator unless you would prefer to use your own.

Your homework tonight is to complete up through question #30 on the Final Exam review packet and to finish the review questions on the Radian measure packet.  Don't forget the quiz next class!