Mrs. Burdge & Mrs. Terkildsen

Elements of Geometry



2B & 3B - Elements of Geometry

Tuesday 5/5 - WS 13.2/13.2


Thursday 5/7 - WS 13.3/13.4, study for quiz on 13(1-4)


Monday 5/11 - quiz 13(1-4)

1B - Trigonometry

 Tuesday 5/5 - Review for chapter 13 test


Thursday 5/7 - Chapter 13 Test, no homework
1A & 3A - Honors Algebra II

Wednesday 5/6 - quiz on 5(1-3)

Friday 5/8 - assignment #4 (5.4)

General Information Welcome to the 2008-2009 school year. We hope that you will find our class enjoyable. It is important to us to establish a comfortable learning atmosphere. The following are some expectations that we will use in the classroom. The reason for these expectations is to allow every student the chance to succeed.

Mrs. Burdge
732-329-4044 x7166
Mrs. Terkildsen
732-329-4044 x7191

Classroom Etiquette Class Expectations
  • treat each other and the teacher with respect
  • listen while others are speaking
  • raise your hand before speaking
  • use appropriate language
  • keep the room clean
***All the rules in your handbook apply in the classroom, please review them. (ie. Cell phones, hats, ipods, dress code)

It is our expectation that each student...
  • is here to learn
  • gives 100% effort at all times
  • will ask questions when they are confused about anything.
  • Will come to class prepared will all of their materials each day.
These include your textbook, binder or notebook & folder, and a PENCIL.

Passes Homework Policy
  • There are no locker passes given during class.
  • Bathroom passes will not be given during instruction time.
  • Nurse passes will only be given in cases of emergency.

  • HW is assigned every class.
  • HW is checked at the beginning of class for credit.
  • LATE homework is NOT accepted!!

Absences Grading Policy
If you are absent it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and make up the work. You may contact another student to find out the assignment or come find one of us before the next class. There will be a folder for you to access to get any worksheets you missed. If you miss a quiz or test, you must talk to us to find a time to make it up. If you do not make it up within a week, you will receive a zero.

- Homework - 15%
- Quizzes and tests - 85%

There will be a final exam at the end of the year which accounts for 12% of your final grade. Each marking period accounts for 22%.

Extra Help
Mrs. Terkildsen's available time is ___________________________

Mrs. Burdge's available time is_____________________

If these times do not work for you, you can also access a math teacher during your individual HAP or study skills classes.

Feel free to come talk to us about any questions or concerns that come up during the year. Please let us know if you need help. We are looking forward to a great year!!!

Mrs. Burdge & Mrs. Terkildsen

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