South Brunswick High School
Tech-Prep: Pathways to Business
Learning Environment
  • Emphasizes strategies that infuse the application of traditional academic content with real-world, career-oriented problem solving activities.
  • Provides a rigorous curriculum that strives to prepare students for the large number of high wage, high demand career opportunities in business.
Integrating Academics into the Tech-Prep Program
  • This is not the old Voc-Ed model!
  • Rigorous academics are promoted and expected.
  • Integrated curriculum allows for enhanced development of math, reading, writing, and communication skills.
  • Students may enroll in academic courses to earn college credit in addition to the Tech-Prep business courses.
Structured Learning Experience
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in the development, operation, and management of an on-campus enterprise.
  • The Shoppe (school store) provides students with a capstone experience that combines classroom study with hands-on business operations promoting continued learning and an authentic assessment.
Preparatory Services
  • Goal: Avoid the need for remediation at the college level.
  • Tech-Prep students are able to take the Accuplacer® College Placement Exam.
  • If a student does not earn a sufficient score pass in English or Math, tutoring is available at no charge to prepare them to pass in the future.
  • Special Education students and those with Section 504 plans are eligible for additional services based on their individual needs.
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