Monmouth Junction Constitution Our school is a place where differences are appreciated, and where we treat ourselves, others, and our property with respect.

Take pride in the person you are.

Be happy, smile, and say positive things. If you have a problem, be sure to tell someone and get some help.

Keep your promises.


Wear clean clothes and keep shoes tied. Do not wear hats or sunglasses inside.

Be nice. Let someone go ahead of you. Help someone with homework or a problem.

Address people properly. Use Mr., Miss, or Ms. Use these words and mean them: "Please," "Thank you," "You're welcome," "Hello," "How are you?" "I'm sorry," "Excuse me." Help people feel good about themselves. Do not interrupt, put-down, or call names. Solve problems with words, not fists. Fighting is never acceptable. Give compliments. Be the first to say, "Hello. My name is________. Welcome to our school." Walk quietly down the halls and stay to the right. Use the bathrooms as you would at home. Put paper in the trash. Flush the toilet.

Everyone is different. We all have a right to feel good about ourselves. Show interest in and respect for others. Put yourself in another's shoes. Let's agree that sometimes we may disagree and that's okay. Have a sense of humor. Find ways to laugh with and not at each other.


Keep your part of the world (your school, classroom, desk) neat, clean, and litter free. You can keep someone else's part neat, too. Some parts of the world belong to all of us. Ask if you want to borrow someone else's property. Use it as if it were your own and return it as soon as you are done. If you find something, return it or bring it to Lost and Found. Take good care of your books and materials.