12 Minute Math!

12-Minute Math Program at Monmouth Junction School

We believe that every child should memorize the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division basic facts after they have an understanding of each of the operations. The memorization of basic facts is necessary to make computation with larger numbers efficient and accurate. At Monmouth Junction, we implement a program called 12-Minute Math to help children memorize their facts. For four days each week (12 minutes a day), the children will play basic fact games using materials such as flash cards, playing cards, dice, balls, board games, audio tapes, and paper and pencil. On the fifth day, they will be given a basic fact speed test called the Mad Minute to determine how many of the facts they have mastered. You may want to work at home with your child on memorization of basic facts. We have found that short, frequent drills are most helpful to children. You can use materials similar to those listed above. This important home-school connection will help to increase your child's success with 12-Minute Math.