Author Visit - Daniel Kirk
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Author Visit

The Students at Monmouth Junction and Brooks Crossing at Deans Enjoy a Visit

From Author / Illustrator Daniel Kirk

South Brunswick, NJ, March 12, 2009 . . . March was visiting author month and the visit from Author / Illustrator Daniel Kirk was the highlight for the Monmouth Junction School and Brooks Crossing at Deans Kindergarten students. Daniel Kirk entertained the students from both schools with his singing and guitar playing as he demonstrated how he creates books for children and young adults. Students were very excited when he played his guitar and sang from his books Dog’s Rule and Cat Power. Music teachers Don Snyder and Sue Pazinko taught the Kindergarten, First and Second Graders Mr. Kirk’s songs, so they were thrilled to sing along with him.

In continuing to tie the author visit across the curriculum, Art Teacher Jill Ward taught the Monmouth Junction students some of Daniel Kirk’s same techniques, and decorated the school with students’ artwork. Library Media Specialist Fifi Germano said, “When I asked Mr. Kirk for permission to use his illustrations as inspiration for the students to draw from literature, his response was so positive. “What benefit would it be to me to refuse kids permission to learn something and have fun with something from my imagination? Go ahead; use any of my stuff any way you want. That's what it's for,” Kirk told Mrs. Germano.

Daniel Kirk's Library Mouse is an all time favorite with students and teachers. It is quite popular for use with the district’s Writer's Workshop. “It is a great motivator to get the students to write,” says Kindergarten teacher Beth Caruso. “I use the tissue box with the mirror inside and the sign ‘Meet the Author’ as depicted in the book with my students, so they know that they are authors too.” Writing contest winners shared their lunchtime with Mr. Kirk, who answered the students’ questions about becoming a published writer and illustrator.

“It is not too surprising that Mr. Kirk was a school teacher, because his connection and congeniality with the students and teachers was evident from the moment he stepped through the school doors,” Mrs. Germano said. Mr. Kirk gladly posed for photographs with and signed books for students and teachers.