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Ms. Lynne Scaglia (pronounced Scalya)
(formerly Lynne Sultan-Weinstein)
Student Assistance Counselor


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The Role of the Student Assistance CounselorFrequently Asked QuestionsPARENT RESOURCES

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For more information on the Conflict Resolution Curriculum and Peer Mediation Program,
you are encouraged to check out the New Jersey State Bar Foundation's website:

Please feel free to glance at some bibliographies and additional resources that I have compiled for our school and school community.
They are filled with useful information an many great books to be read by/with your children all year long.

Bullying Prevention and Character Education Bibliography


Stress Management Resources

Cooling Off Activities

Anti-Bullying and Digital Safety Resources


HIB...Beyond the Labels Power Point

Helping Your Child Deal with Issues of Bullying and Harassment...Parent Brochure


Thanks for checking out my webpage. Please call me with any questions, concerns or thoughts that you may have.

If you’d like to speak with me, feel free to contact me or call to schedule an appointment so that I can give you the time that you deserve.

I can be reached Monday-Friday at:

School Telephone: 732-329-6981