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Curriculum Resources

4th grade links: General:
Study Island - www.studyisland.com

Scott Foresman - www.pearsonsuccessnet.com

Language Arts:
Word Central - http://www.wordcentral.com/


Worms: The Adventures of Herman - http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/worms/

Worms: Worm World - http://yucky.discovery.com/flash/worm/index.html

Water Cycle: Interactive Water Cycle - http://www.epa.gov/safewater/kids/flash/flash_watercycle.html

Morphie's Great Water Ride Adventure - http://www.on.ec.gc.ca/greatlakeskids/morphie-home-e.html

Social Studies:
Colonial Times




Specials Schedule (2017-2018)
Physical Education
Physical Education
Here's What's Happening


Reading - Reading 20 minutes / log (at 4 least days by Monday)

Writing - 

Math - 

Science - 

Social Studies - 

Word Study - 

Other - Basketball!!!


Scholastic class code: NKRBY


Birthdays - You are welcome to send in a snack for your child's birthday. Please let me know a couple days ahead of time, so I can arrange for students with food allergies. On the scheduled day, feel free to send it in with your child, or drop it off in the office. Since we have limited time, snacks that are easy to give out quickly are appreciated.

Here is a short summary of what we've been doing in class:

Reading-  We will read Shiloh and learn about what good readers do while they read. 

ASPCA web site

Roald Dahl's web site

Robert Kimmel Smith's web site

Judy Blume's web site

Andrew Clement's web site

Myths, etc.

Myths and Legends

Storynory.com myths and other stories

Fourth graders are expected to read 20 minutes each night and get their reading log signed by a parent or guardian. The students may two nights a week, so they should be reading 5 nights each week. The books that the students read should be at their independent reading level. They can use their five finger rule to help them decide if it's easy, just right, or challenging for them.  They should be reading books that are "just right" for them.  

Subjects and Predicates Games and Activities, Rags to Riches game, Grammar Gorillas


Writer's Workshop: We will write personal narratives and revise them to make them better. 

Word Study:   

Spelling City


Science: This year we will learn about: matter and energy, electricity and magnetism, and ecosystems. 



Weather instruments

Decomposers Video

Chain Reaction Food Chain Game

Animal Games for Kids (food chain game, etc.) 

Weather for kids web site

Social Studies -

New Jersey State Legislature

Scholastic Thanksgiving

National Geographic Kids

Paul Revere video

Molly Pitcher video

Ben's Guide to Government

American Revolution Web Quest

Battle Web Quest

History Central - Battles of the Revolution


base ten blocks

Symmetry game

Geometry Games

Measuring angles


Rocket Math: In our class, we use Rocket Math to practice our math facts. Since these facts are so important to successfully completing all kinds of math problems, it's important that students study them a little each night. One way that students can practice the Rocket Math facts is to make flash cards out of index cards, and only practice the facts that they've highlighted on the list that they were given. As they move up the rocket, they should highlight the new facts that they need to study and make flash cards for them, too. Therefore, they will practice the facts in level A up to and including the letter that they are currently trying to pass. They are also supposed to take the sheets home, if they don't pass, so they can study for the next time.


Additional web sites:

Keyboarding type scout

Typing club


"Stately Knowledge" web site

State of New Jersey web site

Harcourt School Online Web Site (Social Studies)

Thirteen colonies map

Thirteen Colonies Map

Thirteen Colonies Map Quiz

Lexington and Concord Animation

Plimouth Plantation games and activities

13 Colonies map/information

American Revolution Web Quest

Arnold body systems

Safety research

Web Poster Wizard

Animal Research

Upcoming Dates: