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Snack Policy

The children are required to bring and eat a healthy snack. Examples of okay snacks are: Pretzels, cheese and crackers, Goldfish, fruit, veggies, yogurt, etc. Juice is okay during snack time but the children must finish it during snack.

Snacks such as Go Gurt and Fruit Snacks are not encouraged because they have a lot of sugar in them. Soda is not permitted. Donations of healthy, non-perishable snacks are always welcome! Kids often forget their snacks. The children are allowed to bring a fresh bottle of water to keep on their desk during the day.

Online Curriculum Resources

Fifth Grade Book Talk Blog

Study Island: Study Island is a great way to extend student's learning into the home.  All that's needed is a computer and internet connection.  To use Study Island, log on to www.studyisland.com, and have your child enter their username and password.  Make sure that your child uses pencil and paper when necessary.  Study Island is also a great preparation tool for the NJ ASK3 exam in March.

Social Studies: ClassZone - Once there, click on middle school social studies.  Students have access to lesson reviews, practice quizzes, and more.

Math: Successnet - Once logged in, students can access online games, practice tests, and all textbook pages.  Usernames are the first name and last name as one word (all lowercase) and the password is mjschool.  For example, John Smith's username would be johnsmith and his password would be mjschool.

Is My Child Prepared for School Today?
Complete the following checklist to determine if your child is prepared for school.  My child...

- has several sharpened pencils.
- has working headphones (for computer use).
- has their snack and lunch (or money to sign-up for lunch).
- has their completed homework.
- has all of their books necessary for school.
- is dressed appropriately for the day's weather.
- had a healthy/energizing breakfast.
- is feeling well and rested.
- is clean (hair, body, nails, and clothes).
- knows how they're getting home.

Mrs.B Extra math: 

Visit www.xtramath.org at least once a week (everyone is on multiplication or division). Use your student pin and teacher email to log-in: carly.rabby@sbschools.org

Reading:  Read for 20 min. Use the Reading log - have parents sign Daily ( Due EVERY Monday)

Word Study: no word study test coming home on Tuesday


Social Studies: none



Word Study Schedule (click here for the words):
Monday: Pretest and Make Corrections (Class); Write all your words in Cursive (HW)
Tuesday: Write the definitions (Class); Choose 5 of your words and use each in a sentence or paragraph form showing the definition of the word (HW)
Wednesday: Choose ONE of the following to complete: Synonym Search or Word Hunt (HW)
Thursday: Study for Post-test (HW)
Friday: Take Post-test (Class), Get Post-test signed (HW)

Note: Students are assigned homework five days a week.  Due to differentiated instruction, students may receive a different homework assignment than another student in our class. 

Specials Schedule (2017-2018)
Physical Education

Physical Education