Dear Families,

Welcome to another exciting year at Indian Fields School!  We hope that you are having an enjoyable summer.  The following is a list of general tips and information about our classroom routines.

back to school 11.Integrated Arts:  A written schedule of when your child has physical education, art, and music will be sent home within the first 2 weeks of school.  Children must wear sneakers on physical education days in order to participate.

  Label everything that your child brings to school. We cannot overemphasize the importance of this request.  Things such as lunch boxes, backpacks, envelopes (containing lunch money, notes to the teacher, field trip money, etc.), coats, hats, all personal belongings, etc., all need to be identified.  Items found that are not labeled will be placed in the schools lost and found.

3.Mid-Morning Meal (M3):
  As a second grader, your child will participate this year in our Nutrition unit. Therefore, each child will need to have a healthy mid-morning meal and drink each day. Protein and water (in order to hydrate the brain and body) are great mid-morning energizers. Some suggestions for M3 are fruits, applesauce, vegetables (with dip), yogurt, cheese, cereal, lunchmeat, nutrition bars, and nuts (unless otherwise indicated by the classroom teacher due to allergies). Please pack the mid-morning meal in a bag to avoid confusion with lunch items, and provide utensils if needed. Students who bring items such as chips, pretzels, and sweets (cookies, brownies, etc.) will be asked to eat these items during lunch, or at home.  Our goal is to help establish healthy eating habits and to provide for optimal learning.  Get your child involved in the mid-morning meal planning!                                                                                                  

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4.Backpacks/Homework Folders:  Each day, your child will need to bring a backpack and their homework folder (gray Indian Fields folder will be given out in class) to and from school. Backpacks with zippers are best in order to contain items during transport. NO backpacks with wheels are allowed.   Second graders’ backpacks will not be heavy.  Backpacks with wheels at this age cause minor accidents and will not fit in “cubbies!”

Birthdays will be celebrated as per the guidelines listed in our school handbook.  Please read below. 

If you would like to have a short class birthday acknowledgement for your child, please speak with your child’s teacher in advance. Parents should be mindful of the district’s nutritional policy as well as the dietary restrictions of students in the classroom. These birthday recognitions are short (ten minutes) and limited to the classroom community. Parents are asked to drop off the treats in the main office, and these treats will be delivered to the classroom.   Goody bags are not allowed. The school will not permit bouquets of balloons and other celebratory decorations to be sent to the classrooms. These can be distracting to students’ learning.Birthday party invitations are not to be distributed at school. Please use your PTA/PTO Class Directory in order to send such invitations via the U.S. Mail system.

6.Supplies:  For a list of classroom supplies please visit the 2nd grade webpage (listed below) and click on your child’s teacher’s webpage.

We hope this information will assist you in your planning for this year.  Thank you in advance for your support!  We look forward to a most rewarding year for your child at Indian Fields.                    

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Second Grade Teachers