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Grade 2 General Information

Hopes & Goals

Class Information Form


Parent Letter

What Your Second Grader Will Learn

Throughout the year, your student will obtain a greater understanding of varying topics such as, how to make healthy food choices, what different American symbols represent, and how to approach a bully. They will also have the opportunity to conduct a science experiment, involving hands on experience with raising monarch butterflies. We will work on strengthening your child’s' reading and writing skills though their participation in reader's and writer's workshop. The student's will develop knowledge of Algebra, data analysis, and problem solving techniques, as well as increase their proficiency of arithmetic through the use of "Mad Minute”. My hope is to create a fun, creative environment where each child will develop an understanding that he or she has the power to be the best possible, as well as to develop a positive sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

For more information regarding the curriculum for your second grader, please click the link below:


For some recommended websites you can use with your 2nd Grader, visit the 2nd grade home page and click on "Helpful Websites".

IA Schedule

Monday- Phys. Ed. 

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- Phys. Ed. 

Thursday- Art

Friday- Music


Please see the list on the Indian Fields Home Page 


Insuring Your Child is Prepared for School

Below is a checklist that will help determine if your student is prepared for class:

* Pack up completed homework/important paperwork/books the evening before
* Sleep! Children need between 10-11 hours of sleep every night
* Start the morning off with a healthy breakfast
* Dress your child according to weather conditions
* Provide the student with a nuttitious M3 (Mid-morning meal) eg: fruit, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, lunch meat
* Keep your student hydrated- send them to school with a water bottle to increase optimum brain performance


Parent's Reference Library

These books are great resources for raising children. 

• Habits of Goodness, By Ruth Sidney Charney 

 How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, By Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
o Other books by these authors
• Between Brothers and Sisters
 Liberated Parents/Liberated Children
• Siblings Without Rivalry

• Nurture The Nature, Understanding And Supporting Your Child’s Unique Core Personality, by Michael Gurian
o Other books by this author…
• Boys and Girls Learn Differently
• The Minds of Boys
• The Wonder Of Boys
• The Wonder Of Girls

• Positive Discipline, By Jane Nelsen

• Raising Cane, Protecting The Emotional Life Of Boys, Dan Kindlon, PH. D. and Michael Thompson, PH. D.

• Too Much of a Good Thing, by Dan Kindlon

• Raising Emotionally Intelligent Teenagers, Maurice J. Elias, PH.D. and Steven E, Tobias, Psy.D.

• Raising Lifelong Learners, by Lucy Calkins

• Reading Magic, by Mem Fox

• The Female Brain, By Louann Brizendine, M.D.

• Yardsticks, Children In The Classroom Ages 4-14, By Chip Wood


Reading Strategies




Dear Families,


Every Monday, a 2nd Grade Homework, Reminder and Upcoming Events text message will be sent to you. Homework should only take a total of 20-30 minutes. If your child exceeds this time due to difficulty, he or she may stop. Please contact me if this occurs so I know why the homework is incomplete in order to provide support to your student in this area. Examples of all homework may be found on the 2nd grade webpage...click on Homework Highlights.


READING: Set a goal to read every day! Due Mondays.

  • The goal of reading homework is for enjoyment and for students to become life-long readers.

  • Common Core State Standards are encouraging students to read a balance of fiction and nonfiction. Each time your child reads, he or she will record the title and the amount of time spent reading on his or her reading calendar.

  • Each month, we will have a specific reading topic for your child to focus on. This topic will be connected to our in class reading unit. Students are asked to reflect about the topic and to provide a written response.

  • An adult must initial to indicate that the assignment was completed.

MATH: Check the weekly Homework, Reminder and Upcoming Events text message sent home on Mondays for the assignments. Please remember to do only the pages assigned for homework.

  • Math homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and is due the following day.

  • Visit our 2nd grade webpage for fun math activities.

  • Pearsonsuccesnet.com has math e-tools for your child to use.

  • Remember that our second grade webpage has math activities for your child to visit on the nights that we have no math homework or if your child would like additional practice.

  • Addition and/or Subtraction War - flip 1 or 2 cards at a time to make a single or double digit number and then flip one card and add or subtract. This is a great way to practice math facts.

  • Rocket Math: This is an optional activity to do at home to increase your child's automatic knowledge of addition and subtraction. Addition and Subtraction sheets for Otter Creek can be found online underneath the math enrichment link.

WORD STUDY: Please check your child's word study notebook to see how to complete each sort. Sorting videos are located below for additional explanation.

Each night (M-Th), your child is expected to do a sorting activity from the list below – child chooses the sort! Due to busy family schedules, children may use the weekend to finish word study homework and hand in word study assignments on Monday.

  • Writing Sort-must do twice a week

  • Word Sort

  • Buddy Sort

  • Speed Sort

  • After the last sort, have your child glue the words into his or her notebook to serve as a future spelling pattern reference. 

  • Children may do a physical activity (jumping jacks, clapping, bouncing a ball, etc.) each night after sorting. The brain remembers best when the body moves!

  • Sorting Video Click Here

  • Writing Sort Video Click Here


2nd graders are learning typing skills in order to be prepared for 3rd grade when students will be taking the PARCC test on Chromebooks. Please find time weekly for your child to practice key boarding skills using the correct finger placement.


Typing Practice:





This class loves to read!

Scholastic is a great way to reinforce your child's love of reading. Books may be purchased online using a credit card (free shipping) and sent directly to school! Ordering books helps our classroom library grow! Our online code is HKD64. Please visit their website at www.scholastic.com.


Please have your child practice tying his/her shoes if your child does not know how. Watch this catchy video for a demonstration: 



• If you need to change your child's dismissal and are sending a note in the morning, please remember to use the form that was provided in the Student Handwork.

• If you need to change your child's dismissal during the school day, please call the main office and speak to one of the secretaries. The information will then be forwarded to me.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Enjoy working with your child!

Aline Galvano