Second Grade - Homework


Word Study HW

word study notebook
word study notebook 2


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Each week, 2nd graders will be bringing home a collection of words. The words have been introduced to the children in class. These words are individualized to meet the specific needs and level of your child. These words reflect the spelling patterns that your child has not yet mastered. Our goal is to have your child apply these patterns to encode (spell) future unknown words.

The students are responsible for completing 4 sorts. Theses sorts must include 2 writing sorts, 1 sort of their choice and ending the week with 1 glue sort. All 4 sorts are due on Friday.

All assignments should be written in their Word Study Notebook. On the last night of doing the assignment, the words are to be glued onto the next two blank pages in the notebook. This will serve as a reference for your child to utilize throughout the year.

DIRECTIONS FOR SORTINGWriting Sort-2 nights (done alone):
Student begins with one pile of shuffled words.  Your child chooses header words (bold words) in which to sort the rest of the words.  As he/she chooses a word, he/she says the word aloud and writes it in his/her notebook forming a sort under the header words as he/she goes through the pile. Click here for a video on the Writing Sort!

Word Sort (done alone):
Student sorts the words into columns/categories as we did in school.  Your child chooses header words (bold words) in which to sort the rest of the words.  Your child should read each word aloud during this activity.  Ask your child to explain to you why these words are sorted in that particular way…what does the sort reveal about spelling in general? Click here for directions on how to do your word sort!

Blind Sort (need a buddy)
Lay down a word from each category as a header and then read the rest of the words aloud one at a time.  Your child must indicate where the word goes without seeing it.  Lay it down and let your child move it if he/she is changes their answer.  Repeat if your child makes more than one error.

Speed Sort (done alone)
Your child will sort the words into categories as fast as he/she can.  This speed feature helps children work toward automatic fluency with the feature under study.




In 2nd grade, we expect our students to make it their goal to read every day. We are trying to develop reading for enjoyment in order to help students become life-long readers. 


Your child will be responsible for reading at home during the 7 day week.  The reading log must be filled out each day the child reads.


The logs are due on Monday of each week. The student must return a completed log to receive homework credit.


2nd graders may read:

books from home

library books

stories on an electronic device



Math HW

Math homework will be given Monday through Thursday.  Each assignment will be due the next day. Homework assignments may be a worksheet or a page from the students On Core workbook.


Most worksheets will be double-sided. Please take notice of the upper right hand corner to determine if it is Practice (P) or an Enrichment (E) activity. Students should be able to complete the "practice" workbook page independently as this is reinforcement from the the day's lesson, while the "enrichment" activity may require some support.  


If you find that the homework is at all too difficult, we ask that you stop and jot a note at the top of the homework.

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Math Enrichment


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