Technology Greenbrook is dedicated to incorporating technologies into the curriculum when it further enables and enhances student's learning.

How does Greeenbrook use technology?

COWS - Greenbrook has thirty laptops available for use by teachers and students.  The laptops, nicknamed COWS (computers on wheels), are easily transported throughout the building for use by all classes.  The laptops enable all students in a class to work simultaneously over a wireless network.

Computers in the Classroom - Each K-5 classroom has several computers for student use.  Students are able to utilize the computers for enrichment activities, research, publishing, and more.  Students and faculty are able to save and retrieve work to their own directory from any computer or laptop.


Computer Lab - Aside from the COWS, there is a computer lab with 30 newer laptops available for use by 3rd-5th graders.

Video and Digital Cameras
- Digital pictures and video are taken throughout the school year to show how students work throughout the year.

Library Book Search - The library has computers available for students to search for books by title, genre, author, and more.  Students are given a list of books that match their search, whether the books are in or have been cheked out, and the location of the book on the shelves.

Wireless Connectivity - The building handles projects and meetings that require wireless connectivity to the internet/network.  As a result, the COWS (computers on wheels) are able to connect to the Internet and network.

Digital Projector - Computer presentations become dynamic with the use of the digital projector, which projects the image on to Greenbrook's large screen in the auditorium. Nearly all classrooms have also been equipped with ceiling-mounted projectors.

Teacher Web Pages - Nearly all of Greenbrook's teachers, staff, and administrators have websites they are able to update using the "Message Editor" tool.  Go to the Teacher Web Pages

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