School Site Council PTA meeting The Greenbrook School School Site Council is a group of teachers, parents and community members entrusted with the task of academic goal setting. This school based management group gives the entire school community a voice in making important decisions which directly affect the quality of education in our school. The School Site Council acts as a liaison between parents, teachers, administrators and Board of Education members. It consists of six parents, five teachers and two school administrators. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month. Some projects which have been developed by the Council are Author's Night, K-2 Bedtime Story Hour, and Math, Science, and Technology Night.

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October 02, 2012

Greenbrook School Site Council – October 2, 2012

Attendees: Heather D. Fitzgerald, Peter Tattersall, Bridget Stump, Kathleen Boyce, Gail Magid, Ilene Pawlak, Kim Schneider, Pat Holliday, Eldar Yuzbashev, Myra Gildenberg, Sejal Patel, Joanne D’Angelo

6:50 p.m.- Meeting Begins

Welcome- Heather

Mrs. Holliday’s Report: 

·     Our focus for tonight is on School goals

·     Thank you for well wishes and support for Mrs. Holliday’s family

·     Respect activities are being held at school. Mrs. Patrych launched assembly on anti-bullying. Read a great book Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?

·     Wednesday- October 3, 2012- Early Release Day so teachers can focus on school goals

·     NJ ASK Scores have been sent home to families first

·     There will be some changes to NCLB

·     10/26 – school will be closed for professional development

·     10/22- Education Foundation Gala evening- food tasting and basket raffle- tickets are available

·     Friday Folder can be found on the Greenbrook website until further notice


School Goals:


AMO- Annual Measurable Objectives= Performance targets

·     Last year we were labeled a Reward School. Schools are labeled Priority, Focus and Reward. We are recognized for making progress in closing the gap. We want to continue to do this.

·     Now we must work, plan and pay attention to our sub-groups

Review Areas for Celebration for Greenbrook School

·     Reviewed the statistics and percentages of 3rd-5th graders NJ ASK results

·     Parent questioned the percentage of economically disadvantaged, African Americans and Special Education Students?

Answer: estimated 16% ED, 12% AA, and 10% SE

460 students in our school

·     We will have a Title 1 teacher focusing on poverty area and at risk children to help increase support

·     Discussed the Reading portion of the NJ ASK by distinguishing between analyzing text and comprehension.

·     Discussed 2 types of writing prompts as Expository and Speculative. We need to help students write on topic and relevant to the prompt.

·     Target Instruction- Not 1 size fits all

·     We need to improve literacy for our sub-groups: develop deeper plans, relevant activities to benefit literacy strengths

·     Possibilities are extending the day, early morning programs, Saturdays, upper-grade homework help

·     Homework flexibility and assistance: Brainpop to extend learning, 3rd-5th graders will have access to Study Island

·     Discussed access to computers and at this time only 12 have no access but will be given opportunities at school.

·     Parent Volunteer Program- parents trained to volunteer and assist students for literacy and math in K and 1.

Bedtime Story Hour:

*Heather will buy milk and cookies

*Teachers are preparing lists of teachers to volunteer and rooms to read in

*Will ask Mrs. Dahlberg to be a guest reader again

Literacy Night in Spring:

*Theme- Cinderella- many international versions, Grimm Brothers is more difficult, even gory. We can think about ideas for this theme.

Candy for Troops:

Bridget Stump will organize cards and candy collection by early November.



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